Ask the Seller: Osprey Point, Wiscasset, ME – Part 2

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of LandVest’s properties? We invite our owners to tell us a bit about their experience, what they love about their homes and a bit of their history. When we first spoke with Pamela and Larry, the owners of Osprey Point in Wiscasset, they told us about moving to Maine and finding their perfect home.  Today, they share their top 5 reasons for owning this property:

Our top 5 reasons to own this property

The Life

From songbirds fluttering around the yard, visiting turkeys to numerous species of sea gulls, terns, ducks, geese, herons, shorebirds, osprey and bald eagles, there’s not a minute during the day when birds aren’t flying about. Add the sound of the water, the barks of seals and splash of jumping fish – there’s always a daily variety of entertainment. The changing tides, trees swaying in the breezes, wildflowers, the sky: It’s all natural, and it feels like we’re part of a private nature preserve!

The Incredible Colors and Ever-Changing Scenery

From the bright sunrise to the east, the passing shadows cast throughout the day by the towering trees, to the sunsets that evolve during the evening in a palette of colors, no day is ever the same. At times, we stand and watch the water seemingly turn to liquid gold, or silver as it flows by, or maybe the atmosphere suddenly immerses us completely in hues of blues, greens, purples or yellows. In winter, it’s quite an experience to walk in what seems to be blue, green or gold snow. We even selected the light color for our house and interior to capture the ever-changing colors provided by nature. With the arrival of snow, contrasted with all the pine trees and other evergreens, this place turns into a virtual winter wonderland, and the wildlife never leaves. We’ve added our touch to nature by creating over nine perennial gardens with hundreds of flowers, and magnificent Rhododendrons that brighten the place from early spring to winter.

The Privacy

There’s plenty of open space for entertainment, towering pines and easily-accessible water via the tidal coves. The only passers-by are people enjoying the water or lobstermen plying the waters in their iconic boats. We love being surrounded by abundant waterfowl through all seasons, the daily flights and sounds of birds, the wonderful tide, and the astounding sky. We can fish from the shoreline, launch kayaks easily or simply relax by the shoreline, coffee or cocktail in hand, no one disturbs us. What else can we say? It’s like a private resort here!

The Sea Breezes

The temperature, moderate during the winter and cool in the heat of summer, along with the sea breezes keeps our peninsula relatively bug-free so we can dine outside on open porches from spring through late fall. We can comfortably enjoy the breezes, sea mist or watch rainstorms as they approach from miles away.

The Location

Within a 25 minute radius, there are more than 50 restaurants and 4 incredibly scenic beaches. We are only 10 minutes to Damariscotta and Bath, 20 minutes to picturesque Boothbay Harbor and historic Brunick, and 45 minutes to hundreds of superb restaurants and the cultural events in Portland. The lakes of Rangeley and the ski areas of Sugarloaf, Sunday River and even historic Boston are 2 hours away. With proximity to so many places for recreation and dining, everyday or weekend can be a vacation!


For more information on Osprey Point, please visit the listing page or contact
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