Four Incredibly Cool Great New England Properties

We have the opportunity to represent some of the most beautiful properties across New England and the Adirondacks.  Some are elegant, some are incredibly private, some are great places for parties, and some are just plain cool. 

Here is Ruth Kennedy Sudduth, Director of Residential Brokerage, on a few of the coolest properties we currently have listed, and a bit about why.

1. Grey Meadow Farm, Tinmouth, VT

VT0652-4 VT0652-6

When you combine two eminent writers, one about leadership and one about design, match them for nearly three decades with one of the most beautiful farms in Southern Vermont, there’s plenty of opportunity for alchemy.  Tom Peters knows all about the pursuit of excellence (read here about how his search led them to Grey Meadow) and his wife, Susan Sargent, has a flair for “spontaneous and unconstructed creativity. Elegant and relaxed, subtle and playful, her fresh interpretation of classical forms celebrates design and proportion.” Together, they have shaped this sweeping 1278± acre farm into a comfortable, accommodating, and most of all, very cool place to gather and soak up the quiet pastoral beauty of Vermont.

2. Welliver Farm, Lincolnville, ME

Two_ponds Over_900_acres_located_near_Camden,_Belfast,_and_the_coast.

Who doesn’t love Neil Welliver’s classic painting “Birches”. The wonderful combination of landscape and art that inspired him is for sale – 900 acres at the end of a mile long drive.  Grow blueberries, join the vibrant locavore scene in nearby Camden and Rockport.  Or just paint…

3. Breeze Hill Farm, Hartland, VT

VT0695-9.jpg VT0695-6.jpg VT0695-4.jpg VT0695-20.jpg

Andy Stewart has incredible taste.  Everything about Breeze Hill feels “right”.  In a very relaxed Woodstock way, it is so cool.  It’s got the little orchard with a stone root cellar, the great big barn (with an office way up high), the romantic views under the ancient maple trees to the huge swimming pond, the meadows full of big sleepy draft horses, wonderful tiled bathrooms to lie in a tub and listen to the birds.  Big wood stove in the kitchen to warm mittens and cold fingers, a huge woodburning furnace, a perfect man cave in the woodshop next door.

4. The Ark, Harvard, MA

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So, I am biased, because I was blessed to keep my horse, Frenke, at the Ark many years ago.  It’s the perfect size for a manageable horse property.  It’s really well done without being in the least fussy, and it’s got all the good stuff.  The creak and charm of an old house but with high ceilings and airy light spaces in the main living areas and master bedroom, a great pool for private laps, the perfect barn, paddocks, outdoor arena and heated(!) indoor.  Big enough to have friends around but not a “facility”.  It’s seconds off 495  but feels like you’re in Vermont (really), in one of the sweetest small towns in Massachusetts with an exemplary school system.

One more?

Juniper Point, Woods Hole, MA

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My father wrote extensively about the distinctively American architects and designers, Purcell and Elmslie, who infused their work with engagement with the land and with democracy, honoring craft and detail in their work.  It is so rare to find an uncorrupted example of their work, let alone one which is the landmark on the way into one of America’s iconic harbors.  Juniper Point has been stewarded by the Crane family since they engaged Purcell and Elmslie to renovate their “bungalow” in 1910.  Super cool.


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