Sustainability Part Deux (With Apologies to Steven Seagal)


Our objective for Elm Brook Farm was to find an innovative way to help rural communities and society in general understand and value the natural, cultural and economic aspects of Vermont’s farms and woodlands. We’re part of the movement among local communities that use the natural resources of Vermont in a sustainable and ethical manner.

– David Howe


Our recent blog on properties that do well by doing good – how sustainable stewardship pays of in dollars and cents – was picked up by the good folks at Equestrian Quarterly.  They wanted to learn more about our friends, the Howes, at Elm Brook Farm who make vodka and maple liquor from their sugar bush in Northern Vermont.

For more information on Literary Dog and Rail Dog Maple liquors, click here, and for more information on Elm Brook Farm (which happens to also be looking for its next steward) please contact Wade Weathers or Averill Cook.