A Tradition of Boston Innovation

Chronicle's Inside Look at the Ayer Mansion

A rare treat for New Englanders, viewers of Thursday night’s Chronicle got an insiders’ tour of a “property unlike any other”: The Tiffany Ayer Mansion. Located in Boston’s Back Bay, it is the only remaining residence in the world completely designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. 

Charlie Reed of CNW Capital Partners, one of the building’s owners,  along with Jean Abouhamad of Sea-Dar Construction, led a tour through the mansion, highlighting its innovative design. 

The owners commissioned a 21st-century vision of the building through virtual renderings created by award-winning Hacin Design and executed by Neoscape, Inc. 

The design, grounded in the Tiffany aesthetic, reimagines the property as a contemporary home. 

Explore more of the Tiffany Ayer Mansion at tiffanyayermansion.com, particularly the video where David Hacin explains how he found inspiration in Boston’s culture of disruption and innovation to envision the Ayer Mansion’s next chapter. 

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