Ask the Seller: Brooklin House

Part 1: My Favorite Things

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of LandVest’s properties? We invite our owners to tell us a bit about their experience, what they love about their homes, and a bit of their history. In part 1 of this three-part blog, the owner of Brooklin House explains why it is “a slice of heaven.”

What are some of your favorite aspects of the house and property?

Where do I begin?! Brooklin House is a slice of heaven. With uninterrupted and breath-taking views, the proximity to nature and wildlife is extraordinarily peaceful and inspiring. The house and grounds have plenty of scope for indoor/outdoor living and the acreage is “usable space” that I could design for entertaining which was rare compared to other properties I viewed.

The architecture and room layouts are simple, convenient, and modern, yet historically reverent. The interior space is versatile and designed for family and friends to gather, have fun and play together – all sentiments we increasingly appreciate and seek more of – as we emerge in the days post Covid-19.

What is your favorite room in the house and why?

That’s a hard one, I love them all in different ways!

The Penthouse Suite is probably the winner, as I initially designed this self-contained apartment for my private use while alone at the property. I absolutely love waking up to the far-reaching views, and watching the clouds, and wildfowl flying in and out which make my heart sing. I’ve also spent more time up there than in any other part of the house and have enjoyed many a morning on the deck watching the tides and multiple evenings with a glass of champagne watching the sunset.

I also enjoy sitting at the fire pit on the back patio as a close second, toasting marshmallows with friends, walking the grounds, and gardening. I’ve spent numerous afternoons and early evenings enjoying the views and peace from the Gazebo and Point.

A not-too-distant third is the endless days I have spent gaining perspective from all angles in Brooklin House while designing the barn apartment and dreaming of how I would renovate the barn.

Undoubtedly, this property has brought me more pleasure and joy than any other I have created. I look forward to Brooklin House being a fabulous opportunity for its new owner to experience the same and make cherished memories in!

Do you have a favorite spot on the property?

Again, a hard one to answer!

Standing at the Point as the tide is turning. Those sweeping views and the sound of the shorebirds, ducks, and geese is exhilarating and extremely treasured by me.

What are the five top things you love about this property?
  • Amazing location, unspoiled natural views – its own slice of heaven.
  • Bounty of things to experience both on the property and locally.
  • The local wooden boat building heritage and craftsmanship – Wooden Boat School, Brooklin Boat Yard, Eggemoggin Reach Regatta, Wooden Boat Magazine, EB White!
  • Fantastic place for gatherings and entertaining – elegant and spacious but warm and inviting. You’d never suspect the magnificence of this property from the street aspect.
  • Slightly off the beaten path but close to everything that matters – shops, boat launches, hospital, fire department, etc., and within reasonable reach to Bangor International Airport.
Why are you selling your home?

I purchased Brooklin House in December 2019 intending to create an exceptional home I would use regularly to host vacationing guests from the West Coast and UK-based family members. 

What I hadn’t anticipated was a global pandemic that would make this almost impossible to realize and see it through in the way I imagined. However, what resulted from the time spent developing Brooklin House, was an authentic appreciation for how precious our lives and relationships are and the value of spending time with our family and closest friends. 

Truly a blessing in disguise. Not being able to travel and consistently welcome my family and friends to Brooklin House, simply magnified to me that the geographical distance and lack of proximity to people close to me just complicate the aspects I am searching for at this stage of my life. 

That realization leads me to return home to England and explore investment in a property that would bring me closer to those I love.  

Want to find out more about Brooklin House? Check out our property listing and stay tuned for “Secrets & History” in Part 2 of this blog series