Live in Art: The Tiffany Ayer Mansion Featured in WSJ

When the sleek, pale façade of The Tiffany Ayer Mansion was unveiled in 1902 amid the red brick of Boston’s Commonwealth Avenue, it was a challenge to the old order. Disruption and innovation are a Boston tradition. For a provincial capital, Boston has always punched above its weight on the world stage. From the Tea Party to Isabella Stewart Gardner’s idiosyncratic museum, the brutalist City Hall to biotechnology, Massachusetts has always nurtured unconventional thinking, whether in medicine, architecture, technology, or education.

As featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Tiffany Ayer Mansion, 395 Commonwealth Avenue, is listed for sale with LandVest | Christie’s International Real Estate.

Jean Abouhamad, President of SEA-DAR Real Estate and Construction, who, along with Charles Reed of CNW Capital Partners, is current owner and developer of the project and an award-winning expert in the sensitive re-envisioning of historic properties in Boston, notes, “the Tiffany Ayer Mansion is utterly unique, the only completely Tiffany-designed home in the world. The team we have assembled brings world-class talent and deep experience with landmark properties to, in effect, collaborate with the work of one of design’s towering figures.”

Just who was the designer behind this Back Bay home?

“Louis Comfort Tiffany was a polymath and a transformative genius whose beloved works are among the most sophisticated and valuable designs of the 20th century,” said Alex Heminway, International Head of Design at Christie’s. “In the last two years, for example, two of his rare table lamps have achieved over $3 million each at public auction.”

To reimagine the mansion as a great contemporary home, SEA-DAR and CNW teamed up with Hacin + Associates Architects and Neoscape, a Seaport-based creative agency, to deploy a team of top designers and renderers to showcase the possibilities of a reimagined Ayer Mansion for refined current living.

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