Telling Our Stories

Episode VII: Farm to Table

As the weather warms the soil, springtime begins to send its mysterious messages throughout the forest, transforming the monochrome landscape into a rich palette of color.

telling-our-stories-7. Bob Saul
Bob Saul – Institutional Investor and Tree Farmer

For many forestland owners across the Northeast however, this moment presents one of anxiety, as they bide the time waiting to see if their prized white ash trees (Fraxinus americana) have survived another season against the emerald ash borer (EAB).

Since its accidental introduction to Detroit, Michigan, twenty years ago, this invasive beetle has spread methodically across the landscape, decimating stands of white ash in 37 US states and five Canadian provinces.

In Episode VII of LandVest’s Our Stories video series, we outline the journey of one LandVest client as he confronts the EAB. In the video, Bob Saul reflects on his 30-year tenure on a woodlot in Amherst, Massachusetts, and the “emotional resilience” that he has developed dealing with nature.

So join with us as we document the salvage of ash lumber from Bob’s tree farm and, in his words: “transform a crisis into something durable”.

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