When an Award-Winning Designer Builds Her Own Home

Dalia Tamari spent a lifetime designing kitchens for clients all over the world. When it came time for this New England Design Hall of Fame honoree to build her own home, she knew exactly what she wanted and knew where it had to come from.

That is how this European estate in the Berkshires was born. In a new video, Dalia dives into the process of finding the right land to build on and designing the actual home that would sit there. The result of that process is the 6,900± sq. ft. country home that manages to be both grand and family-friendly.

In this video, Dalia explores…

  • Why the Berkshires were the right fit as they looked for someplace with culture, nature, and privacy.
  • How she sourced materials locally, from Boston, and even from Europe.
  • The impression this magnificent property leaves on guests.
  • And so much more!

A few things we also learned…
When a kitchen designer designs her own home,

  • There is a hook for every pan, ladle, and spoon.
  • There is a drawer for every knife and kitchen utensil.
  • There are refrigerators and dishwashers near every entertaining area…
  • There’s a pantry to organize your staples.
  • And even the utility room is spotless and well organized!
  • Dalia Tamari kitchen
  • Dalia Tamari utensil drawer
  • Dalia Tamari kitchen dishwasher
  • Dalia Tamari utility room