Life at the Beach House

With 2,000 feet of beach frontage and over 20 acres to explore, it is hard to imagine ever wanting to leave The Beach House. Between kayaking, windsurfing, and enjoying a book on the beach, this property in West Falmouth, MA provides a sweet escape for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts alike.

The Beach House | Wigwam Rd, W Falmouth, MA

However, just beyond property lines lies an expansive, beautiful, and culturally rich town that should not be overlooked.

Falmouth is home to iconic bike trails, local art galleries, museums that will pique your interest, and unique spots to eat and drink.

gift shops and Nobska Lighthouse near the beach house

Less than 10 minutes from The Beach House’s front steps is the 5-mile marker for the Shining Sea Bikeway. This iconic bike trail is just over 10 miles long and provides bikers with incredible views of local wetlands and rivers that hundreds of bikers enjoy every year.

10 mile long Shining Sea Bikeway

For those who love exploring unique places to eat and drink, Falmouth is home to many local restaurants that provide both high end and relaxed dining experiences. Cape Cod Winery, The Glass Onion, and Falmouth Cinema Pub are all within a 15-minute drive from The Beach House property.

From the Beach House, it's just 15 minutes to the Cape Cod Winery and The Glass Onion

Falmouth is home to art galleries and museums that will excite any art lover’s curiosity. Osborn & Rugh Gallery is owned by a husband-and-wife duo who specialize in realistic landscapes and commissioned portraits that will look at home on The Beach House property’s walls.

Osborn & Rugh Gallery, Falmouth, MA

For those who discover an interest in ocean life while overlooking the beach from the master bedroom balcony, Woods Hole is home to world famous marine biology and oceanographic research institutions that will engage and educate those of all ages.

Woods Hole - near the Beach House

The Beach House and Falmouth embody everything that people love about Cape Cod, the beaches, the beauty, and the culture. Want to learn more about this beautiful property? Contact Stewart Young.

The Beach House, Wigwam Road, West Falmouth, MA