LandVest Expands Appraisal Offerings to Meet Changing Estate-Planning Environment

Tried to get an appraisal done recently? Right – it’s hard! LandVest is here to help.

The current frenzy of estate planning to address potential tax changes and the intense real estate markets are creating a wall of work for a shrinking group of skilled practitioners. The Appraisal Institute (AI) estimates that the number of appraisal professionals is diminishing yearly and warns that sharper declines may be on the horizon as appraisers begin retiring en masse. At the same time, very few younger appraisers are entering the profession.

LandVest’s growing team now includes fifteen appraisers and advisors covering commercial, land and residential properties. We have three MAI appraisers, the industry’s top-credentialed professionals. We practice nationally and internationally.

For LandVest clients and their advisors, the key differentiator is not just the depth of talent, but the unique value proposition LandVest offers: the ability to integrate land use planning with appraisal.

Why does that matter? LandVest can help clients understand the choices available to them and their financial impact.

  • An engineer can’t tell you what planning option is the most lucrative, and
  • An appraiser can’t tell you what can be done with the property.

LandVest gives clients the full picture, in a way that is cost-effective and easy to understand.

This saves clients time and money.

Most of all, it helps LandVest clients make informed decisions.

The rapidly changing tax environment has major real estate implications.

We find that family real estate, particularly multi-generational properties (those not held for purely investment reasons), is often an emotional third rail, which makes conversations around estate planning and valuation challenging.

We can help facilitate with a thoughtful look at the choices families have with their property, informed by market insight.

Reach out – we are here to help!

David A. Rosen, Chair

Ruth Kennedy Sudduth, Vice Chair

Jim Monahan, a Senior Advisor with LandVest in Ipswich, MA, with 30 years of experience helping clients solve real estate problems and achieve ownership goals. Jim’s expertise in land planning and appraisal is one example of how we differentiate ourselves from other real estate consulting firms. Jim has worked in 32 states, internationally, and in his own back yard where he can often be found taking a morning run or picking up his farm share at one of the properties that he has helped preserve over the years through his advisory work at LandVest.

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