Why A Kingdom Property Is the Right Fit For You


As Ruth Kennedy Sudduth explored in The Covid Land Rush, trends in the real estate market experienced a 180 in 2020. After the Great Recession, apartments with concierge services and lots of amenities were all the rage for millennials and baby boomers alike. Last year though, with more jobs being moved away from urban centers, people wanted space, indoors and out. In the wake of last year’s shifts, Kingdom Properties offered exactly what so many buyers were looking for.

“More high-end buyers are looking for the ‘complete’ kingdom-type properties with all the amenities, like a guest house, pool, tennis court, dock, land, and privacy so that they do not to travel for these activities,” said John Saint-Amour.

Take Bassett Mountain in the Adirondacks, for example, a mountaintop estate bursting with activities.

Bassett Mountain | Jay & Wilmington, NY

“It’s over 1000 acres close to the Olympic village and ski venues and features a mountaintop mansion and former ski area with refurbished facilities into guest recreation/fitness accommodations,” said listing agent Vinny McClelland. “You also have miles of trails for hiking, XC and alpine touring skiing, mountain biking, and rock climbing.”

This type of breadth of offerings is what’s keeping Kingdom Properties popular.

What’s the Appeal?

What else do buyers want from a Kingdom Property these days? Nicole Monahan has found that turnkey is essential. “When you’re ready to make the move, you want to get into your dream home as quickly as possible.”

Making a Commitment

While the shift towards these types of properties may have been swift, buyers aren’t looking to spend only a year or two.

“I have seen more interest in these Kingdom Properties post-Covid,” said Sophie Soman. “People want something special – a lifetime investment to enjoy with family and friends.”

Along with the amenities that offer fun and adventures for guests, Kingdom Properties often have more practical features like an in-law apartment that your parents or kids can call home when they are looking for independence, but still want to be close to you.

Every Kingdom Property offers a unique combination of these features. Look through our collection to find one that ticks all the boxes on your wish list here.