Telling Our Stories

Episode II - A Career Outside

If you ask most foresters, they will tell you they were attracted to the idea of a career outside. Despite the early mornings, bugs, cold weather, and rugged terrain, there is an inherent draw to the outdoors which tugs at the inner spirit of everyone. For natural resource professionals, the worst day in the woods usually beats the best day in the office.

The opportunity to steward, improve, and sustain the land so that others can enjoy such an experience is what drives people like Adam Bullis and his colleagues in LandVest’s Timberland group.

In Episode II of our series of stories about what makes LandVest different, Adam discusses how family and a deep personal history with the land influences the properties he now manages. Inspired by his education and work to protect and create opportunities within the vast context of the Adirondacks, Adam aptly notes that it takes a long time, but a Forester can help that be a little bit faster.”

Part of the LandVest difference is our unique client base that understands the multi-faceted benefits of well-managed timberland. These qualities often extend to positive, non-economic external benefits that extend beyond the managed asset to improve water, wildlife, and climate.

LandVest is proud to work for the finest private and institutional timberland owners in the U.S. The best clients make the best forestry possible, and a most fulfilling career outside.

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