Forestland and Natural Resources ESG Survey

 Could Forestland Ownership be a Solution for You and Your Company?

Over the past decade, we have witnessed substantial development in the importance of corporate responsibility. Corporations are increasingly investing in and accounting for their actions. In some cases, this is a response to the regulatory environment, while in others, it is more grounded in strategic corporate goals and operating philosophy. In either case, the concepts of ESG/impact investing and sustainability are in many ways synonymous with investments in forestland portfolios. Not only do many properties offer the potential for carbon sequestration and storage, they often offer a trove of other ESG attributes, creating a strong integrated solution.  

A Sampling of ESG Attributes of Forestland Properties
1. Conservation stewardship 1. Support rural economy 1. Sustainability commitment
2. Carbon sequestration and storage 2. Conservation stewardship 2. Third-party certification
3. Sustainable forest products 3. Promote outdoor recreation 3. Regulatory oversite
4. Habitat protection 4. Public access 4. Professional forestry licensing
5. Water quality protection 5. Industry associations/thought leadership 5. Industry association code of ethics
6. Biodiversity improvement 6. Protection of cultural resources/historic sites 6. Best management practices

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