Middlesex County | Massachusetts
High-End Market Watch, Year End 2020

Market Highlights

  • Inventory up 13% (163 vs 144 last year).
  • Sales up 17% (Record 377 vs record 322 last year).
  • Top Sale: $16,000,000, 46 Fayerweather Street, Cambridge.
  • Middlesex County’s high-end market continues to perform strongly.
  • COVID-19 crimped listings and sales in the first half, but the year ended with record sales.
  • As usual, expert presentation, broad market reach, and a strong value proposition provide a competitive advantage.

Active Listings

In Middlesex County, Massachusetts, at the end of 2020, the inventory of high-end listings increased 13% to 163 listings compared to 144 last year. Since 2011, there have been on average 136 listings at the end of the year. In the first half, COVID-19 resulted in properties being temporarily withdrawn from the market or delayed in market launch. While selected markets suffered from premium pricing and a shortage of inventory toward the end of the year, overall the supply of high-end properties is healthy and growing.

High-End Sales

Sales in 2020 increased by 17% to a record 377 compared to a record 322 last year. Since 2011 there have been on average 215 sales at year-end. The vast majority (71%) of these sales were in the $2-$3 million range. Fifteen sales were above $5,000,000 with 13 active listings at year-end and two were above $10,000,000 with one active listing.

Top Sale Year End 2020

Property: 46 Fayerweather Street • Town: Cambridge • Selling price: $16,000,000
2010 Contemporary with 7,000 sq ft on an oversized lot with development potential, 11 days on market.

Top Sale: 46 Fayerweather Street, Cambridge, MA

Highest & Average Sale

Days on Market

Days on market for high-end sales at the end of 2020 decreased to a 10-year record low of 92 compared to a 10-year record low of 109 last year, the 10-year record high of 176 in 2011, and the 10-year average of 142.

Sales by Town

Eighteen of the 54 cities and towns in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, had high-end sales in 2020. The largest number of sales were in Newton (107), Lexington (67), Weston (60), Cambridge (40), and Concord (34). Newton recovered from a slow start, ending with 107 sales compared to a record 117 sales last year. Belmont (up 40%), Concord (up 31%), Lexington (up 52%), and Winchester (up 57%) showed dramatic improvement compared to last year and their 10-year averages. Waltham and Watertown had their first residential sales over $2,000,000.

Weston | $4,200,000
Newton | $2,999,000
(LV represents the buyer)
(LV represented the buyer)

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