Ready, Set, Launch! LandVest Announces New Website

We are pleased to be introducing our new website in January 2021. Back in the early ‘90s, LandVest launched one of New England’s first real estate firm websites. Since then, we have remained committed to being on the cutting edge of technology. Our newest website once again sets the bar for the real estate industry!Laptop and cell monitors with new LV website onscreen

What Does Our New Website Mean for Sellers? provides the right audience and an advanced technological platform for displaying properties in the best way. We have long been the source for an unrivaled, worldwide, affluent audience who has come to appreciate being able to search for high-quality properties throughout New England, by lifestyle and luxury amenities. With our new advanced search options, we’ve made it even easier for them to find what they are seeking. With Zillow, you can easily search for properties with a pool. With LandVest you can search for a pool, but also search for a dock or mooring or private beach: amenities our audience is looking for. provides a platform for highlighting your property’s most desirable features, while our blog allows us to tell your property’s story. Through words and visuals, we allow our audience to emotionally connect with your property, and we make it easy to share this content to maximize exposure. Our site pushes your property to a local and global audience, increasing the number of qualified potential buyers, allowing you to get the greatest value for your investment. Most importantly, we keep you in the loop: our marketing activity report will tell you how we are attracting buyers to your property and our new market report keeps you informed about how the market is doing.

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Making the Home Search Process Easy for Buyers, Too

One thing has become abundantly clear this year: people know what they want in their properties. So, we’re making it easier to find exactly what you want. If you are looking for primary, secondary, or investment properties, either residential or Timberland, offers a comprehensive search experience. Sign up for an account, set parameters, and matched listings will be emailed to you directly. LandVest can assist you throughout New England and beyond. Search by town, county, or region, by map, or with our advanced filters to find specific amenities. Find properties based on lifestyles, like Homes for Nature Lovers, Country Club Living, Ski Country, or Mountain Living. You can even base your search around schools, public or private.

All of this and more is coming your way in January. We hope you enjoy exploring all these new tools and technologies!