What’s Old Is New Again – Choosing a Home in Times of Covid-19

In the era of Covid-19, homes that were once overlooked are deserving of a second look. These days, features that support a live-play-work lifestyle and healthy living are now highly desired. One Sears Road in Southborough, MA is such a property.

A Breath of Fresh Air

A sleeping porch in the early 1900s was thought to boost immunity by surrounding its inhabitants with fresh air overnight. Fresh air is now a coveted quality among home buyers, in this age of Covid-19. One Sears Road has an oversized sleeping porch adjoining the former nursery.

This home is sited on an expansive 5.5-acre level parcel. However, one can enjoy fresh air and never leave the house. The spacious 400 square-foot hexagonal 3-season porch, considered an old-fashioned conservatory, provides space for an informal meal or reading a book (or tablet). Then there’s the original loggia which, after being fitted with 5 French doors, today serves as a formal dining room, allowing a flow of fresh air.

Don’t Go to the Gym

People today are avoiding public indoor spaces, such as fitness clubs. Thus, at-home recreational and exercise spaces are an asset. One Sears Road delivers this, with an in-home gym on the lower level and a sports court outside.

A Place to Zoom

One Sears Road also is sprinkled with private nooks and even bonus rooms for studying after a home-schooling session or for using as a “Zoom Room”.

In days past, there was likely a telephone room under the grand staircase that provided a space for a private phone conversation. Today, it’s a charming half bath.

Value of a Butler’s Pantry

There are not one, but two butler’s pantries at One Sears Road. These days, people are cooking at home more. So, an extra, separate space (or two) to store kitchenware and supplies allows the kitchen to be completely reserved for meal preparation and to be the true heart of the home.


An old-fashioned, spacious house with expansive land affords buyers the opportunity to stay put over time and evolve with their family’s changing needs. Says Anne Tate, a professor of architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design, “ …with these older houses you could stay there and have the house adapted for you, instead of having to move and make the investment every time.” (Boston Sunday Globe, September 27, 2020)

You don’t have to travel far to find these Covid era-friendly features. One Sears Road is just 27 miles from Boston.