Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Investing in Timberland

Incorporating elements of ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) is more clearly in focus for many investors today. Individuals and companies alike are considering how their businesses and investments reflect against ESG ideals. Investors seeking ESG investments screen for socially responsible, sustainable, and/or environmentally beneficial investments. These concepts are nothing new to timberland investors who inherently enjoy these attributes.

  • The concept of “sustainability” has long been associated with timberland investments.
  • Environmental awareness and protection are focal concepts in timberland management. Best management practices above and beyond regulatory constraints are widely practiced in the industry.
  • Millions and millions of acres benefit from Working Forest Conservation Easements whereby private forests are protected from development and fragmentation into perpetuity.
  • Timberland contributes to the majority of sequestered carbon domestically on both the regulatory and voluntary markets.
  • Third-party certification and supply chain continuity offers an excellent oversight reporting mechanism.

Whether implementing these ideas or by stewarding investments that already have these elements, investing in timberland properties provides very strong ESG bona fides. It is also a great way to store capital and diversify your portfolio. Seriously though, how cool would it be to own your own forest? A true win-win. Learn more about all of these ESG practices by clicking here. LandVest has a number of available properties suitable for incorporating ESG into your investment. See below:

Available Investments in ESG

Tug Hill Forest | Leiws County, NY | 30,171± Acres | $8,750,000

Waccamaw Tracts | Brunswick, County, NC | 1,848± Acres | $3,868,000

Mad River Timberlands | Moretown, VT | 652± Acres | $575,000

For more information about ESG/CSR and investing in timberland properties, please contact David Speirs (dspeirs@landvest.com) at (207) 233-4950 or any of one of our many land brokers at LandVest.