A Riverfront Arts-and-Crafts Restored, as Featured by Playhouse

As detailed on Playhouse‘s post, baseball is what brought the sellers to the North Shore and, more specifically, 23 Newmarch Road in Ipswich. Once the owners, Barry and Margaret, found this riverfront country estate, they poured their hearts and souls, time and energy into reviving and preserving this Arts and Crafts residence.

Dating back to 1905, the primary residence is sited on this 4-acre property to offer the best views of the river. Just across the water is conservation land, which helps ensure privacy. As Barry and Margaret got settled into their new home, they worked with the former owner to continue the fine-tuning and restoration he had started.

They would spend months researching and hunting down the right materials and features to incorporate into the home and often would stumble upon the perfect additions, like the den’s stained-glass window they happened upon at an auction in the Berkshires. Margaret notes that much of the house-search and design process “was just so serendipitous, so magical.

On the grounds, the magic continued when they happened to find the needed materials to restore the Lord & Burnham greenhouse in Barry’s Connecticut hometown. And following a journey of six months, a 120-year-old Javanese gazebo was reassembled among the lush gardens.

Dive into more of this exceptional property on the Ipswich River at the post on Playhouse, or contact Lanse Robb or Sophie Soman for more details on this listing.