A Day on the Greens at Honey Pond Farm

You roll out of bed in the morning and decide today’s the day – you want to go play a round of golf. You haven’t planned ahead or booked a round. Of course, none of this is an issue when you’re waking up on Honey Pond Farm.

Why are you wasting time driving to a course when you could walk out your back door onto a USGA-rated personal golf course? Think of how much extra playing time you’ll get when you can just pick up your clubs and play. At Honey Pond Farm, the course has everything you need for a challenging, entertaining round.
honey pond 1

In total, there are 26 tees, 18 holes, three greens, and multiple fairways on these 25 acres, nestled in not far from Dorset and Manchester, Vermont. One highlight you can look forward to as you make your way through the holes is the Field of Dreams. As you come up to Tee #23, you’ll find yourself on a rise overlooking a cornfield. Test your luck and try to reach the fairway past Amen Creek, a drive of at least 240 yards. All in, it’s a challenging 584-yard par 5.

honey pond 3Honey Pond Farm also boasts the only island tee in Vermont. Think you can make the shot across 2 ponds, a marsh, and a bunker?

honey pond 2When you’ve made it to the Diabolical West Green, not only do you have to overcome the two-tiered menace, you also have The Heckle Box to contend with. On the hillside adjacent to the hole is a vantage point that allows bystanders to watch incoming shots…and heckle anyone brave enough to take a swing!

honey pond Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 2.30.02 PMAnd at the center of all this is the Caddyshack, aka a spot to take a break for some good food and cold drinks. This old storage shed includes a party deck where you can listen to the flowing stream and small waterfall.

Basically, Honey Pond Farm’s got everything you could want for your own personal course. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what a few visitors have had to say about playing the course at Honey Pond Farm:

“In my 67 years of golf, I have never experienced anything more unique than Honey Pond. I found it to be beautiful to look at, very well maintained, fun to play, and far more challenging than indicated by its yardage…”

“Words cannot adequately describe what you have done – because it’s not just banging the little white ball around. There is something infectious, contagious, pure, daring, unique, humorous, challenging, natural, ecstatic, mischievous, quirky, capricious, obvious, and eccentric all wrapped up into one. In short, you guys nailed it.”

“The charm and simplicity you’ve brought to that beautiful Vermont valley is a spectacular creation and one I’m sure quite proud of.”

“You have a real treasure with the challenging holes, colorful flower beds, ponds, waterfalls, brooks, and green, green grass!”

“Great fun to see grown men cry and laugh and drop to their knees. It almost changed a few personalities!”


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