What do People Look for in an Equestrian Property?

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Today’s topic:

What do people look for in an equestrian property? Is it the amenities, the setting, the practicality, or a combination? It just so happens, we have a property in Sherborn that encapsulates everything that you should be looking for in an equestrian property.

So, when you’re ready to purchase an equestrian property or you’re getting ready to sell yours, keep this checklist in mind with essentials every equestrian should have – courtesy of the beautiful Bridle Brook Farm.

  1. Turnout, pasture, or grazing with reliable fencing and shade/shelter

    Equestrian Property MA2337_20NHaving space to allow your horse outdoors is crucial to their health and well-being. With over 10 acres, Bridle Brook Farm includes many paddocks surrounded by woodlands. It’s a perfectly serene environment (that’s still close to Boston).

  2. Good footing

    Equestrian Property MA2337_21NWhether it’s inside or out, having a ring with good footing is a solid investment. Here, the gorgeous setting has been taken advantage of with an 85×160 outdoor ring with special footing.

  3. Big, open airy stalls with ins and outs or stall paddocks

    Equestrian Property MA2337_25NYou want room to roam and relax, so why would you give your horse any less? Along with the roomy stalls in the attached barn, there’s also an exterior stand-alone, bringing the total to six on the property.

  4. Radiant heat in grooming/wash stall with hot/cold water

    Equestrian Property MA2337_18NAs one equestrian asked, “Is it horrible to say I love my wash rack to have warm water year-round?” We say no! Simple creature comforts can make all the difference in equestrian facilities. If you expect heat and hot water in your home, you should expect the same for your horses. The grooming stall here includes heat lamps, too.

  5. Heated tack room

    Equestrian Property MA2337_19NConvenience should be the name of the game for your tack room. That’s why Bridle Brook Farm’s comes with a washer and dryer.

  6. Trail access

    Equestrian Property MA2337_22NIf you can ride out to a network of trails, wouldn’t that get you out riding more often? Rather than packing everything (and everyone) up to get to a trail, just head to your backyard to link up to paths instead. At this Sherborn estate, you’ll have direct trail access.


To find out more about this property, contact Jay Boyle and Stanley Edwards. As an accomplished rider, Stanley can offer sound advice whether you’re looking to buy or sell equestrian real estate.