Pick Your Spot to Watch Sunday’s Big Game

There are a few essentials needed for a game-day celebration:

  • Big screen – all the better to see with
  • Big menu – all the better to eat with
  • Big space – all the better to party with

Here we highlight a few homes where everyone can come and enjoy not only the action on the field, but the commercials and halftime show, too.

171 Littleton County Road | Harvard, MA

big game MA2416_16_football
Property ID: MA2416 | Listed by Stanley Edwards, Abby White, and Wade Staniar

Want to feel like you’re actually at the game? Immerse yourself and your friends in the media room of this country retreat. You’ll have tiered seating, floor-to-ceiling screen, darkening blinds, and acoustic treatments – a perfect spot to host all the biggest fans!

Camp Endo | Jamaica, VT

big game VT0875-24_football
Property ID: VT0875 | Listed by Story Jenks, Dia Jenks, and Charles Wise

Invite 21 of your friends and family to fill this state-of-the-art home theater. At this kingdom property, you can make a weekend out of it and work off some of the nervous energy by exploring the great outdoors when you’re not in front of the big screen.

12 Smith’s Point Road | Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

Property ID: MA2288 | Listed by Lanse Robb and Sophie Soman

Maybe not everyone wants to join in on the fun. With this movie theater in a new separate outbuilding, you can contain your celebrations.

East Bay | Islesboro, ME

Property ID: ME1377 | Listed by Terry Sortwell and Joseph Sortwell

Don’t miss a second of the big game thanks to the bar/kitchen in this second-floor great room. Just wander over for food and drinks from the couch without missing a moment of the action.

Dedham Private Estate | Dedham, MA

Property ID: MA1892 | Listed by Jay Boyle and Terry Boyle

The ground floor of this suburban Boston estate seems like it’s built for a football party. Watch the game down the hall in the stadium-seating theater or hop onto a stool at the bar in the billiards room to keep an eye on all the plays happening on the screen.

Sophie’s Way | Tremont, ME

Property ID: ME1591 | Listed by Story Litchfield

Live, eat, and cook all within view of the TV at this contemporary Maine home. The state-of-the-art technologies like the integrated sound system make for optimal game viewing and the open plan can accommodate every type of spectator.

Birch Tree Farm | Woodstock, VT

Property ID: VT0627 | Listed by Story Jenks and Wade Weathers

Lower the screen, kick back, and enjoy the game from the second level of the 7-stall bank barn on this family retreat. Or, if you prefer, you can all gather in this living space in the main house.

Prospect Cottage | Cushing, ME

Property ID: ME1533 | Listed by Joseph Sortwell and Terry Sortwell

In the walk-out basement of this private waterfront home, there’s a lot of space for a gathering in the game room and adjoining media room. Relax after it’s all over in the hot tub.

Stony Brook | Dorset, VT

Property ID: VT0935 | Listed by Story Jenks, Dia Jenks, and Charles Wise

It’s hard in a room this pretty but try to keep your eyes on the game. With beamed ceilings and a cozy fireplace, you’re probably going to have some people sticking around even after the final whistle blows.