Why We Love Plum Island

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of LandVest’s properties? We invite our owners to tell us a bit about their experience, what they love about their homes and some of their history. The owners of the beach house at 68 Northern Boulevard in Newbury, Massachusetts share what they love about the salt life.

For years, we wanted a place on the beach to gather with friends and family.

Plum Island beachPlum Island is perfect because it’s close to Boston, easy to get to, and near lots of great restaurants and culture on Boston’s North Shore. But really what makes it perfect is that it is pure beach. The dunes, the salt marsh behind… it’s birds and breeze and quiet.

Plum Island MA2349_1
Plum Island Kitchen.DeckWhat we wanted, and found, was a place that was unfussy and simple to maintain but could expand to fit a crowd. We wanted everyone to be comfortable: kids, dogs, friends, family, or just the two of us for a quiet weekend. The way this house is stacked vertically allows for separation when you need it, and easy togetherness the rest of the time: cooking in the big open space or cuddled up around the fireplace. The beach is right there, so everyone can come and go easily, hang out on the deck, use the outdoor shower, or go upstairs and take a nap.

Untitled-2It’s great to be somewhere that is as close to nature as Plum Island is. The beach is 11 miles long, so you can really get out and run or walk, and then explore the salt marshes and inlets behind.

The fishing and birding are amazing. The Merrimack River meets the sea right here, so there are lots going on in the natural environment.

Plum Island IMG_8256Unusually for beach houses in the area, the house is set up high, with a sand barrier underwater directly in front, offering protection from wind and waves.

Some of our favorite things to do in the area are:

Wildlife Sanctuary for beautiful seascape scenery and bird watching, Plum Island Lighthouse with great views of the wild ocean, Riverside Cycle, and rent bikes…

Our favorite restaurants: Bob Lobster for a great seafood shack, Mission Oak Grill for steak, or Brown Sugar by the Sea for the best Thai food in Newburyport.

Or we just pick up fresh seafood at Newburyport Fish and grill, eating on the big deck and listening to the waves.

Plum Island KidsIt’s been such a great place for us. As our grandchildren have grown, we love to go see them and whatever they are up to, so we are using the house less than we had when they were little. We look forward to new folks having as much fun here as we have!


For more information on this great beach house, click here or contact Sophie Soman or Lanse Robb