Bennington – Where Vermont Begins

As skiers travel to Stratton, Bromley, and Magic, they pass through the charming, quaint town of Bennington.  Tourists visit Old Bennington’s historic houses; admire the area’s five covered bridges and the Bennington Monument; and stay at the famed Four Chimneys Inn to shop for antiques, pottery, and art.

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A New Bennington

But now, Bennington has emerged as not just a pass-through town filled with history and culture, but a true destination. A community-led development with town, state, and key tenants will provide the investment and commitment for a monumental development of the Putnam Block in the heart of the downtown. The revitalization of the historic downtown will include a vibrant mixed-use center. Offices, in-town living, restaurants, retail, medical facility, grocery, educational space, and townhouses will surround the courthouse and reinvented Putnam Hotel.

The excitement of this new downtown incentivized the Oliverian School to buy the recently closed Southern Vermont College’s 371-acre campus. Oliverian, a private boarding prep school in New Hampshire, expects to move to the new site by fall 2020.


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Opportunity Awaits

In the very heart of this development lies the Historic Marble Bank Building at Four Corners. This historic building awaits its own new use as a live/workspace, retail, restaurant, coffeehouse, bank (it still has the vaults), financial business, or other creative venture.

bennington-vermontIf you or someone you know has a plan that will thrive on the foot traffic and proximity to the Putnam block, this is the space to explore!



Built in 1929, the white marble building has been meticulously preserved. Gilded age features include ornate moldings, elaborate brass chandeliers, ceiling medallion, marble floors, and French marble tellers’ counter and walls. Large columns and high ceilings with a balcony overlook the main floor. Truly an exquisite setting for any number of commercial uses.

Available for sale at $675,000 or lease.

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