A House Can Be So Much More Than A Home

Norwell, MAWhen given the opportunity to build the ideal home, there are endless design choices. Space for you, space for family, space for life. The floor plan, a canvas that affords one an opportunity to create a unique area that is enjoyed for years. 161 Pleasant Street is a thoughtfully-designed home that welcomes anyone seeking an exclusive enclave, multi-generational oasis, or work/life balance. We had the chance to ask the sellers about their favorite features, and here’s what we learned:

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What originally attracted you to the location?

While we are from the area, we saw the 16.04± acres within a private, gated community, as an opportunity to build a home that the whole family could come to and enjoy in complete privacy, yet in a very convenient location. We were fortunate enough to see the grandkids learn how to ride their bikes down our long driveway, learn to sew, and be inspired to redesign the interior of an ages-old doll house that still sits in a nook.

You mention family. How is the property utilized for multiple people?

Friend or family, the home is designed to accommodate a number of people. It was intentional to put the master on the first floor, the bedrooms on the second, communal space on the third, and office space a few steps away from all of this. Besides bedrooms, the family room is a space that can’t be ignored. The dining room boasts a fireplace, and the kitchen has top-of-the-line appliances that any professional chef would envy.

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The landscaped lawns also add to the overall feeling of unmatched privacy. It was a pleasure to host one of our children’s weddings at the house within the first summer we’d moved in.

Office space? Is that more than a typical home office?

Yes. We built a custom office that connects to the main house yet has the feeling of being in your own space. Fully-equipped with modern work amenities, this space is move-in, work ready.

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What else should we know?

We’ve left no stone unturned. The construction of the home was top-of-the-line, and while we lived here we have modernized all appliances and features. From heating, to lighting, to the WIFI, the home is ready for the needs of its next owner.

Really, anything else?

We had the beautiful opportunity of hosting our daughter’s wedding here. It was unforgettable. We hope that the next owner will live in, and enjoy, the space just as much as we were able to.Norwell, MA real estate for sale

For more information about 161 Pleasant Street,
contact Terry Boyle or Nicholas Pratt.