Ask The Seller: The Hilltop House in Northampton, MA

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of LandVest’s properties? We invite our owners to tell us a bit about their experience, what they love about their homes and some of their history. The owner of 91 Round Hill Road in Northampton, Massachusetts  shares how he found this ideally-located Cottage-style home in the Smith College neighborhood and what he loves about its contemporary design.
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I purchased the property approximately five years ago when I moved from Boston to the Pioneer Valley when I accepted a position as the clinical leader for Cooley Dickinson Health Care. I looked throughout the Pioneer Valley – both Hampshire and Franklin Counties – and this was the only house that was built as I would have built it. What sold me the most was the utility room downstairs. The support beams were twice the required size, proving this house was built with the highest quality and great attention to detail. I love that it is within walking distance to the center of Northampton, just up the hill from Smith College, and in a wonderful neighborhood.

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Two Kitchens Professional Chefs are Envious of

In kitchen #1, there are a total of three ovens, a warming tray, a steamer, microwave, six burners, grill and skillet. When I first purchased the home, the head chef from the top restaurant in the Pioneer Valley came to prepare an event for guests. He said that this was a better kitchen than he had in his restaurant and would rather work at my home. Downstairs, kitchen #2 is also a top-of-the-line kitchen which could serve as part of your home, part of an in-law apartment for family, or for rental property.

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The Perfect Retreat

The master bedroom and amazing bathroom is a great place to unwind after a long day. There is a Japanese soaking tub in the master bath. This is quick to fill, so there’s no need to wait for your tub to fill up. You sit in it and get the best Jacuzzi possible. Another great feature is the walk-in shower with four sets of heads. I was able to come home from a sixteen-hour day and immediately be calm. The windows allow for a beautiful view and let natural light into the great space.

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Another favorite spot to relax on the property is the deck. Sitting there, you can hear the water run from the stream into the koi pond and look out over the mountains. It is so peaceful.

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Top 3 Reasons to Live at The Hilltop House

  1. There is no better home in the Pioneer Valley. It combines modern technology with classic detail work.
  2. The neighborhood is great – walk to town or walk to the woods.
  3. The flow of the house works – be it for one person or a couple who can fill the first floor. It can work with a small family using the first and second floors. It can work with a large family using all three floors. Or it can work with in-laws or returning children with their own apartment downstairs.

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