Ask the Seller: 16 Rolling Lane in Dover, Massachusetts

16 Rolling Lane in Dover, Mass Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of LandVest’s properties? We invite our owners to tell us a bit about their experience, what they love about their homes and a bit of their history. We spoke with the owner of 16 Rolling Lane in Dover, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston, to tell us a bit about what they love about their property.

Dover, Massachusetts
Dover Town Hall – Centre Street Bridge, Dover MA

Location, Location, Location:

16 Rolling Lane in Dover, Massachusetts
Dover, just half an hour outside of Boston, is a great place to reside if you want the quiet benefits of suburbia, but within easy reach of the hustle and bustle of the city. After moving from another part of the country as newlyweds, we settled into one house in Dover and quickly fell in love with the town. It offered open lands, wooded trails, quiet landscapes, and gentle kindness of the people.

As we started a family, we found we needed more room, and through word of mouth we found out about open land coming up for sale at the end of Rolling Lane. We loved the area and decided it was the perfect place to raise a family within a safe neighborhood with other young families. The house’s location within the neighborhood was perfect, a place where our children could ride their bicycles and enjoy open space. The land seemed to have it all, a quiet setting, a small pond, and wooded areas. So, we decided that this is where we would build our home.

Favorite Places on the Property:

16 Rolling Lane in Dover, Massachusetts - interior
Our favorite room in the house is the open family room. It is truly the heart of the house with a fireplace, eat-in kitchen and comfortable living space where most of our living was enjoyed. Connecting three different floors in one place, it is a wonderful space for everyone to enjoy.
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Our favorite spot on the property is the stone pathway up to a firepit on the hill which overlooks the house and backyard. You enter under a stone arch, as if you’re entering another world, and follow the path past a treehouse to the firepit at the top.
16 Rolling Lane in Dover, Massachusetts MA2278 blog_8
With every detail in and around this house, you can tell that we love nature. The architect achieved that through large windows looking out onto the well-manicured gardens.

16 Rolling Lane in Dover, Massachusetts - windows

Secrets to Discover

The yards are full of secret pathways to be discovered, some are more obvious and others you might need to do a little exploring to find. But with wonderful destinations such as the treehouse, firepit, and the pond, this property has so much to offer. There is a secret hinged stone in the stone wall structure in the backyard which opens to reveal a small secret space for hidden treasures.The secrets aren’t just for the gardens either; there are plenty of places to discover right within the home. There is a hidden door going from one bedroom to a loft area with secret storage areas under desks in the loft. As well as a few more hiding areas that you might just have to discover on your own at 16 Rolling Lane in Dover, MA.