An Oasis in the Woods; Living Among Trees Improves your Well-being

“Trees are sanctuaries” – Herman Hess, German poet

Trees have a wide range of health benefits that have been known for centuries across the world. Shinrin-yoku, the Japanese term for the art of “Forest Bathing” or “Nature Therapy,” has proven physical and mental health benefits. Forest bathing engages all five senses and brings a sense of calmness and relaxation as you take in the beautiful sights of nature , hear the birds singing, feel the sunlight on your skin and the soil under your feet, smell the natural aroma of the Earth, and taste it as you breathe in the crisp fresh air. Who wouldn’t want to be able to have this connection with nature whenever they wanted?

Photo by Esther Tuttle

Western medicine has also found that exposure to forests and trees boosts your immune system, helps to lower blood pressure, reduces stress, improves your mood, increases your ability to focus, accelerates recovery time from surgery or illness, increases energy, and helps to improve sleep. Not to mention, having trees for neighbors provides a sense of privacy and security.

Fully immerse yourself in nature with these great properties that are surrounded by forest or might even bring it indoors!

The Treehouse

720 West Road, Richmond , MA 01254
4 Bedrooms | 150± Acres

The Treehouse, fully constructed with trees, brings the “outside in”

With exposed trees as the main posts, thirty-foot ceilings, stone fireplaces, and walls of windows on every floor, you’ll always feel as if you’re outdoors when you’re indoors. Forest bathe from the inside out with this house designed by David Sellers, one of the world’s top 100 architects. Built entirely from trees, sited on a high hill surrounded by 150± acres of forest, and with windows that bring the outside in…meet the Treehouse.

After the ride up the nearly mile-long driveway, you enter a world of mindfulness with nature — the leaves rustling, the branches blowing and the fresh, clean smell of the forest which invigorates all your senses.

This house has the best the Berkshires has to offer, with cultural and outdoors activities only minutes away.

Jackson Hole In The Berkshires

115 Purple Mountain Pass, Williamstown, MA  01267
5 Bedrooms | 72± Acres

All the glamour of a grand Jackson Hole home with all the attributes of the Berkshires

Another Berkshire forest escape is Jackson Hole in the Berkshires, with its commanding mountain presence surrounded by the 2600± acre Hopkins Memorial Forest owned by Williams College.  A famed Jackson Hole architect designed the residence. It was constructed with beams hand-hewn in Montana and shipped to Williamstown, and also features stone and birch flooring. Offering a feeling of space and ultimate privacy, the property is just minutes to Williamstown Center.

Or perhaps you’d want to build your own forest oasis to call home.

The Gorge Land

206 Stevens Glen Road, Richmond, MA
50± Acres

50± acres bordering Stevens Glen, a waterfall & 70′ ravine cut into solid rock

With this unique property you can own the forest, making it the perfect place to be one with nature. This historic 50± acre property borders Stevens Glen, a waterfall and 70-foot ravine cut into solid rock with plenty of surrounding hiking trails.

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