The Awakening Woods

The winter of 2018-2019 was long and now it’s long gone. LandVest-managed forests in northern New England saw deep snows with over 4 to 5 feet.

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After 5 months of snow, cold, and dark days, our foresters are glad to see bare ground and hear red-winged blackbirds, white-throated sparrows, and the breeding song of chickadees return.  For others, the first ride on a bike or a hike on a dry trail marks the start of warm weather. forest management Photo by from Pexels

Winter Progress

As mud season shut down the woods for harvesting and trucking, we took account of our winter accomplishments. Tens of thousands of cords were harvested to improve the forest, generate cash flows, and enhance other forest values. Our management across the northeast not only employs our staff of 50±, but provides jobs for scores of loggers, truckers, and all the other associated support industries. Forestry is an economic engine for the north country. LandVest is a large part of that with over 2,000,000 acres of forests under management.

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A New Season is Here

This is a truly amazing time of year in the northeast. Nature wakes from its long winter’s slumber under a blanket of snow to a rejuvenated landscape. Rivers are rushing, trees and other plants are greening and flowering, and animals are stretching and enjoying the warm weather. Is there anywhere in the world where nature explodes so rapidly in a flush of so many green hues?

forest management LandVest - Straight Fork - Scott Co VA

As foresters we account for the winter’s work, ready our efforts to close out winter harvests, prepare plans for summer management, and empty our log yards of forest products to fuel the regions mills. This annual changeover is a wonder of both the natural world and how we humans interact with that world.

At LandVest, our forestry professionals see the forest for far more than its capacity to produce forest products sustainably. We all live in rural communities that have a culture and economy predicated on a foundation of sustainably managed forestland. For over 50 years, LandVest has taken great pride in its land stewardship as we advise and support forestland owners’ goals and objectives.

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