Live, Work, and Play
in the Coastal Town of Essex

57 Eastern Avenue allows for an existence where the world disappears the moment you step in the door. A place you love to invite people into just because they will feel the magic and be happy too. For us, we had visited the property many times throughout the years and were always enchanted. The home of the workshop and showroom for Walker Creek Furniture for nearly 30 years, the creative minds of the artists that lived and worked here were, and still are, evident everywhere you looked. From the original posts and wide, worn floors to the center staircase and unusual windows, this property beckoned you to stay, and we embraced the opportunity to try our hand at an old dream.

57 Eastern Avenue
Walker Creek, 2015, Photo provided by The Hand & Eye | Rivers and Road, 2018, photo provided by owner
57 Eastern Avenue, collage
Rivers and Roads, 2017-2019, photo provided by owners

Building Our Dream

We had always wanted to try our hand at a home business where we could provide good things like classes, workshops and quality goods. And so, as Walker Creek started to transition, so did our family. We finally had the chance to follow our life-long dream of having a shop where people come to feel good and be inspired. And what an adventure it has been. The spaces proved to be as magical to all clients and visitors as they were to us.

We transformed the art studio into a space for workshops, classes and special events. For events and gatherings, we reimagined and rebuilt the attached garden space for an outdoor addition. We have hosted numerous book launches, business meetings, preschool classes, drawing classes and important family events. Our parking lot has been full and overflowing for many special evenings and holiday events. The flexibility and specialness of all the buildings provided opportunity for countless ideas, and still do.

Rivers and Roads, 2017-2019, photo provided by owners
Walker Creek, 2015, Photo provided by the Hand & Eye

History Uncovered

For our family, the first floor of the Civil War barn, that was once the finishing studio, became our own personal space for storage and sitting around the wood stove. Exuding warmth and rustic charm, the old beams have notes on weather made during the war.

Rivers and Roads, 2017-2019, photo provided by owners

We quickly learned that living here elevates daily tasks like brushing your teeth and doing dishes to viewing the natural world through all four seasons. Quick glimpses of fox, turkey or deer remind you there is more to our lives than our tasks. The yard provides a unique and private refuge from the real world, taking you in like an old English cottage or a fairytale treehouse.

57 Eastern Ave
Family Room and Kitchen, photo by Greg Premru | Kitchen Detail Shot, photo by John Peabody, the Hand and Eye

We have refreshed and renovated the property in many ways, but the original charm still wows and calms. It was born from the minds of talented artists and brought to new life by our passion to refresh spaces. It wasn’t surprising to learn that the kitchen had won the best of Boston design contest and was featured in a magazine.

Images6Up winding staircases, you find bedrooms and playrooms or rooms of any kind. There are nooks for alone times and creating and space for being together in welcoming and unique ways. Overflowing with details such as cedar trees for posts and totally reclaimed wood floors, doors, special windows and architectural details, this home becomes your private oasis. It is a dynamic, livable home with space for creativity, solitude, togetherness and peace.

aerial, 57 Eastern Avenue

Passing the Torch

57 Eastern touches everyone that comes. While it is our time to move on, the possibilities for this property live on. It works for hobbies, passions, workshops and events. It also has the original showroom which has since been a store and could be used next for almost any kind of business (subject to town approval). The parking is plentiful and the response has always been the same. “What a magical place.” How wonderful to feel that way about the place in which you can live and work. How wonderful to bring your dreams to life within its spaces and share it with family, friends and clients. 57 Eastern Ave makes you realize life can be more…not so typical and mundane.

– KL, Owner


For additional information about 57 Eastern Avenue, please contact:
Hannah Barker,, 973.768.4433 or
Nicole Monahan, ,617.680.6895