Ask the Seller: Ram Island, Wheeler Bay, Maine

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of LandVest’s properties? We invite our owners to tell us a bit about their experience, what they love about their homes and a bit of their history. The owners of Ram Island share how they discovered their magical island retreat, and some of their favorite things about the island and island life.
Ram Island ME1461_3_CC
We have owned an island home since 1997. Our first island home was on Lake Winnipesaukee. We moved to Ram Island in 2013, in part to be on the ocean, and in part to own a fully private island. For the past 22 years, whether traveling a couple of hours by car, or all day on multiple flights, the last ten minutes of the journey has always been the most important, and the most magical. Crossing the water means leaving everything else behind. We have loved every minute of island life.
Ram Island heading to the island
We found the property through a friend, and the first time we stepped onto the island we knew we were home—before even seeing the structures and interior courtyard! Though neither of us grew up in New England, we knew we wanted an island home there—we love the Maine coastline, the warm days and cool nights, the seafood.
Ram Island landing
We love being surrounded by lobster boats and having Outward Bound as a neighbor. We also love that so many artists and writers live and work in the area, also attracted by the natural beauty and peaceful environment.

The town of Rockland, with the extraordinary Farnsworth Museum, with great restaurants, and with wonderful shopping, is 15 minutes away. But on the island, it is all ocean, birds, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, and starry skies. Both of us write—one of us writes books, and the other writes music. One couldn’t ask for a more quiet and inspirational surrounding.
Ram Island
We were married on the island, with 40 family members in attendance, and the island has been host to other weddings in the past. It is the most enchanting location for a family or friends gathering!

We have many favorite rooms! The study and library is a jewel from the outside and the interior. The master bedroom is spacious yet cozy. The great room has the most magnificent fireplace and works beautifully for two—with several intimate sitting spaces—as well as for dozens of friends. Every room has a view of the water, but the buildings are designed to have a low profile from the water—they blend in beautifully to the trees that surround them.
Ram Island
There are two wonderful pathways—one over boulders along the water, and one through the woods—providing two lovely options for exercise and for a quiet stroll. On the ocean walk, you’ll see eagles, osprey, and other birds, and you’ll also occasionally spot a seal swimming by.
Ram Island
We loved living off grid—in an environmentally conscious way in terms of collected rainwater and solar power, but without any sacrifice in comfort and internet connectivity. It’s incredibly nice to have no utility bills!

For at least the next ten years, our work will prevent us from being in New England during the summer. The best months on the island are May through October, and we are unable to be there more than half of that time due to professional obligations. We will miss Ram Island, but the island should belong to someone who can enjoy it throughout these glorious months.
Ram Island

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For additional information about Ram Island, please contact Joe Sortwell, or Terry Sortwell, in our Camden office, 207-236-3543.