Ask the Seller – Allens Pond Estate and Nursery

A South Dartmouth, Massachusetts Property with Special Meaning for Multiple Generations

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of LandVest’s properties? We invite our owners to tell us a bit about their experience, what they love about their homes and some of their history. In Part 1 of this story, the owners of Allens Pond Estate and Nursery share how this special land kept their family there for multiple generations to enjoy. Allens Pond Estate and NurseryIMG_0373

Having grown up on the property in the summers and learning to hunt on the property in the fall and early winter, my husband had deep ties to the land. Upon graduating from college, he worked overseas and traveled extensively. On a particular trip home, he was visiting his parents and realized that of all the places he had traveled he found no place as beautiful and pristine and magical as the property on which he had been raised.Allens Pond Estate and Nursery MA2157_4

My husband’s mother had family on abutting land and the many natural benefits of the area were well known to her and fully appreciated by her husband. Originally purchased for summer and fall use for family gatherings, beach outings, equestrian endeavors and migratory bird hunting, they eventually built a retirement home on the property and used the seasonal home for family and guests until we winterized it and began renting it in 1978. The fields had been leased to local farmers for pasturing their animals since 1945 but that ended when the Audubon Society purchased some of the property in 1999.

Allens Pond Estate and Nursery MA2157_1We leased some of the land and buildings from 1978 through 1999 to establish a nursery business and it also provided us with a lovely place to live and begin our family. At that point in time, my husband set his mind to finding a way to make the land work for him so that he could keep it as long as time would allow. In the 1970’s he began learning about horticulture and worked for several different horticultural businesses in New England. In 1980 he established a wholesale nursery and became an established grower of a wide variety of ornamental plants. This location, with its proximity to the coast, allowed for milder winters and long warm autumns and thus a longer growing season as well as easy access to many outlets for the nursery’s products.

Allens Pond Estate and NurseryThe property has been in the family for over 75 years, and we have been in residence for over 40 years and the owners for almost 20 years. The beauty of the property, with its magnificent views, extraordinary wildlife, multiple natural habitats and flora and relative seclusion, was an ideal place to raise a family and enjoy life. The local community embraces agriculture and understands its importance.

-KBD and FLD

Look out for Part 2 of this story – where the owners highlight some of their favorite features of the property.

For more information about Allens Pond Estate and Nursery, contact Terry Boyle or Slater Anderson.