The Classic Big Bloomers of the New England Summer

FLOWER WARS: The Peony vs. the Hydrangea: Which Do You Love Most?

THE PEONY, classically extravagant with its billowy soft angelic petals and sweet scent, kicks off the summer season and lasts for an average of 10 days or so. It comes in a variety of colors, from white with beautiful pink insets to dark red, with an infinite variety of shades in between.

New England Flower Wars. Duchesse de Nemours
Duchesse de Nemours – very fragrant, floriferous, very tall 34″- 36″ needs staking.
New England Flower Wars - Bowl of Beauty
Bowl of Beauty – Pink with creamy white center is a garden show stopper! 30″ long bloom period followed by court jester hat-shaped seed pods.
New England Flower Wars. Felix Crousse
Felix Crousse – Very deep pink and a faint fragrance, very floriferous, need staking at 30″- 32″ high.
New England Flower Wars
Mophead hydrangeas can vary in color, depending on the soil’s composition.

THE HYDRANGEA signals the height of summer, and evokes sunny days by the seacoast, particularly in the classic blue tones. Did you know that the color of the flowers is determined by the acidity of the soil? Longer lasting than peonies, some holding their shape and color well into the fall, and even appealing dried, colors range from blues to white, purple, and pinks, and they always create a captivating display.

Our Favorite Properties with Peonies and Hydrangeas in Bloom

Listed by Luxury Real Estate Broker: Lanse L. Robb 978-590-0056

Yellow House Farm
Gloucester, Massachusetts

New England Flower Wars. MA2063_25 - Copy New England Flower Wars. MA2063_27
This is what a 100-year-old peony garden looks like. Two striking rows of pink beauty.

144 Beach Bluff
Swampscott, Massachusetts

New England Flower Wars
Views of pink, blue, purple, and white hydrangeas over rolling lawns to the Atlantic ocean.

23 Newmarch Street
Ipswich, MA

New England Flower Wars. hydrangea 23 newmarchc2
This white flower is a doublefile viburnum // Japanese snowball. They have flourished in our New England climate, are long blooming and have beautiful foliage as an extra bonus.

Not a peony nor a hydrangea, the Japanese snowball at our 23 Newmarch Street listing is another contender in the flower war. Talk about big blooms! Which do you love the best?

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