Mussel Point Memories
Sellers Reminisce About Life in Gloucester, MA Oceanfront Home

Not just a little fishing village anymore. Come take a look at some of the sellers’ favorite memories throughout the years at their oceanfront house on Mussel Point. From special events, to birthday and holiday celebrations, and great outdoor water adventures, this is the perfect spot for family and friends. And oh…. the view isn’t bad either!

Tell us some of your favorite memories at Mussel Point.

We wake up at sunrise every morning. I have no curtains in the back just for this reason. Being a photographer, I never take the light for granted and am constantly watching it change. I love that about this house. I will, by far, miss the full moons rising over the lighthouse. There is nothing like it.
Mussel Point Oceanfront: moon rising over lighthouse
Watching the boat activity in front of the house will be a huge loss. In the morning, you see the lobstermen out front and early boaters heading out to whale watch or fish for the day. During the day, especially on weekends, there is constant boat traffic and of course at night we watch in awe the larger fishing boats that go out for a month at a time.

Mussel Point Oceanfront boats
My favorite story of entertaining was the first time we had some couples over and we didn’t know what to make. We took the boat out to check on our lobster pots and went fishing off the rocks and had lobster and striped bass for dinner. It was so fun and so unexpected!

A favorite activity is fishing off the rocks – and on a flat day paddle boarding out front is pretty amazing!

Mussel Point Oceanfront fishing Mussel Point Oceanfront paddlecc

The hot tub is a treat – the view can’t be beat as well as the music system. This is a favorite of my kids and their friends.
Mussel Point Oceanfront Hot tub

Can you tell us about the special occasions you have had at the house?

We have had many occasions at the house….50th wedding anniversary party, holidays, team parties, reunions etc. The deck allows for music, eating and dancing – the yard is perfect for lawn games and the rocks allow others to go sit and watch the boat traffic or fish.

Mussel Point Oceanfront
Champagne toasts with friends

Mussel Point Oceanfront spike ball
A game of spikeball!

Mussel Point Oceanfront lobster
Clam bakes and lobsta’ dinners

What is your favorite room in the house?

I love our master bedroom. On a nice morning we could sit for hours and have our coffee and watch the boat traffic, as well as at night enjoy a bottle of wine and sit and watch the boat traffic!

The porch is also a favorite room. We love being outside or feeling like we’re outside and this room gives all of that even when the weather is bad.


Mussel Point Oceanfront kids

I will miss the ease of entertaining in this house. The flow is just awesome. There is space for any kind of entertaining. And when your children start growing up and all their friends will come to visit! The Best Part!

– Kristen and Don


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