Todd H. Dubovy Joins LandVest as Director of Institutional Development

TODD LandVest is pleased to welcome Todd H. Dubovy as Director of Institutional Development. We have been working with Todd for decades, with many satisfied mutual clients. We are honored to have someone with Todd’s reputation and expertise join the team. Here he explains why he chose LandVest.

Why LandVest?

I have had a long, successful and satisfying career in the Private Banking world and during that 30-year time span have had the opportunity to work with LandVest on numerous occasions. The assets were always complex, unique and a challenge to figure out. I found that what sets LandVest apart is their ability to adeptly handle complex properties in almost any location and from any perspective, whether it is a valuation, marketing or consulting assignment. When I hired LandVest for any assignment, I could always expect the project to be handled with the utmost integrity while applying the highest degree of knowledge, expertise and creativity. And the outcome ultimately always reflected those attributes.

I was tasked with selling a 400± acre parcel in central Connecticut that had a large home, and other outbuildings that had been legally subdivided into five parcels by the decedent. Its complexity stemmed from an in-place zoning and site plan that established building lot envelopes as well as a home that was ultra-modern and out of character for the New England market. In addition, it had a moat and/or pond at the base of the foundation of the home. Essentially no one, including the previous agent, had any idea how to approach sale of the property. My clients, a group of family members who inherited it, each brought a different idea to the table on how to approach the sale. The family’s perception of value and the appraised value of the entirety was several million dollars more than any previous sale for the area. It had been marketed previously as one parcel with no offers to purchase and very few showings.

Working with the Landvest team and a new local agent to market the property, we listed it as five parcels as well as a single parcel, pricing the individual lots above the pricing for the entirety. Within the next 12 months, we had found and closed on the five separate parcels to five different buyers and achieved total proceeds that exceeded the appraised value of the entirety. Needless to say, I had a very happy client family on my hands.

Case Study_Todd Dubovy

I have found the LandVest team to be skilled at building relationships, whether it be with clients or partnering with local professionals to accomplish the desired outcome and it is this focus that I wish to bring to working with my clients. LandVest is a place I feel at Home.

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