Vermont’s Real Estate Magnetism:
#1 in Nation for Inbound Moves

People Tend to Be Older and Wealthier

Who would have thought that little Vermont would beat out the Sunbelt and the Mountain and Pacific states for a share of inbound moves? While the overall trend is a move West, Vermont had the highest percentage of inbound migration in the country in 2017.

Over two-thirds of the movers in Vermont were inbound, contrasting with Illinois where nearly the same percentage moved out, reports United Van Lines’ 41st Annual National Movers Study, which tracks customers’ state-to-state migration patterns.

Over the last four years, Vermont has benefited from inbound migration. People relocating to Vermont tend to be older and wealthier. They are moving to be closer to family, a job opportunity, retirement, a healthier lifestyle and/or for better health. Nearly three-quarters of the new Vermont residents are 45 years old and up and have an annual income over $100,000.

LandVest had a banner year: Sales of Vermont luxury real estate surged in 2017 (source:MLS). The greatest number of Vermont sales in properties over $1 million was in the *Woodstock area. Story Jenks was the leading broker for sales over $2 million in Woodstock and Vermont, and Chris Lang recorded the highest sale in Woodstock. There were 23 properties that sold for $1 million and up in the greater Woodstock area, more than double the average number from the prior 5 years. The properties that sold were largely iconic country properties, many of them built in the 1800s such as Glenmorgan and Fieldstone below.

Vermont Real Estate
Glenmorgan is a c. 1835 brick federal house on 75 acres in South Woodstock, Vermont. Sold by LandVest for $3,750,000.
Vermont Real Estate
Fieldstone is a c. 1810 stone house on 137 acres, which overlooks three spring-fed ponds in South Woodstock, Vermont. Sold by LandVest for $2,000,000.

Contemporary homes such as Pomstockchee and Hammond Hill are also in demand.

Vermont Real Estate
Pomstockchee’s AIA award-winning design by Ertel Associates is on 53 acres in Woodstock, Vermont. Sold by LandVest for $2,300,000.
Vermont Real Estate
Hammond Hill’s AIA award-winning design is on 101 acres in West Windsor, Vermont. Sold by LandVest for $1,182,500.



Here is a limited selection of properties available in 2018:

Vermont Real Estate
Jericho Brook Farm is a fully restored 1790 farmhouse with a magnificent red gambrel barn on 43 acres in Hartland, Vermont. $895,000
Vermont Real Estate
Deer Meadow Farm in Andover, Vermont is a charming c. 1789 house with barns and a swimming pond sited on 91 acres at the end of a country lane. $1,100,000
Vermont Real Estate
190 Landgrove Road in Landgrove, Vermont is a c. 1830 Noah’s Ark Cape with beautiful hand-planed wood paneling, working fireplaces and high craftsmanship. $1,100,000
Vermont Real Estate
604 Delano Road in West Windsor, Vermont is a 53-acre country retreat designed by Michael Ertel that offers an outdoor garden chess game with complete privacy and exceptional views. $2,600,000
Vermont Real Estate
Sentinel Pine Orchards is a bucolic and prosperous 524-hundred-acre apple farm on Lake Champlain in Shoreham, Vermont. $3,500,000
Skyline Farm is a 250-acre working farm with heritage breeds in Pomfret, Vermont. $3,600,000


If you are looking to move to Vermont, we hope you will reach out to LandVest and our team. For more information about the properties above, contact Story, Ruth, Chris, Wade or Dia.

2018 marks LandVest’s 50th year. Since 1968, LandVest’s roots have been in advising New England families, whose assets have ranged from a house in town, to a country estate, to a portfolio of timberland.

*Greater Woodstock includes the towns of Woodstock, Barnard, Pomfret, Bridgewater, Hartland, Reading and West Windsor.