Betsy Lawrence Joins LandVest’s South Coast Brokerage Team

B.Lawrence - South Coast Broker

LandVest is pleased to welcome Betsy Lawrence to our South Coast brokerage team. After spending a lifetime of summers in Nonquitt, Betsy became a full time resident in 2012. She has sold significant properties in Nonquitt, Mishaum Point, the village of Padanaram, Dartmouth and Westport.
Here she explains why she chose LandVest:

Why LandVest?

My entire life I have admired LandVest for what the firm has always stood for – quality and excellence. When it’s time to make a big life decision like selling or buying a home, you just don’t compromise on quality and excellence. The stakes are too high.

It’s no different from other, smaller life decisions that we simply won’t skimp on.

  • When you’re setting the table for a very special event, don’t you take out the best china?
  • When you write a meaningful note, don’t you use your best handwriting on the nicest piece of paper?
  • When you buy a car for your child, wouldn’t you look for the one with the best safety record?

When the stakes are high, like making a decision about your most valuable tangible asset, it only makes sense to seek the soundest advice to get exceptional results.

To me, coming to LandVest means working with the best in the field. Bar none.

What’s really impressed me is LandVest’s commitment to being excellent at everything they do, purely to serve clients.

From beautiful presentation of properties, to the best web and tech team in the business, to the depth of advice of the Consulting and Timberland groups, to a collegial partnership culture that brings the expertise of the entire team of the best in New England and the Adirondacks to solving my client’s problem – it’s amazing.

Joining Landvest feels like a culmination of all things I have done in my life thus far: all the experiences I’ve had, the places where I have lived and worked and the people I’ve met along the way are the key to future LandVest relationships.

I am so pleased to be a part of this team of smart, ethical folks who are so good at what they do and work so hard at it.

Read more about Betsy here, or contact her at
(508) 317-8669 or