An Architect’s Dream in Rockport, Maine

“Successful dreams are always grounded in reality. The pleasure you get from knowing that your dream could be around for generations to come—that will last a lifetime,” says John Morris Architects in Leading Residential Architects.

Rockport ME _ Grand shingle-style cottage representative of Maine's architectural heritage

“For more than a quarter century, this prominent New England firm has specialized in reinterpreting the vernacular of early 20th-century architecture, developing and executing its designs with great attention to detail and finish,” according to the book Leading Residential Architects. John Morris Architects designed a stunning example of the modern Shingle Style oceanfront ‘cottage’ in Rockport, Maine. The residence of 1 Sea Street garnered a lavish 4 page spread in Leading Residential Architects, a book which highlights some of the most prestigious residential architects in the country, along with their most inspirational homes. Good company indeed!

Rockport ME _ Use of local building materials, more natural in appearance, lend harmony to home with local landscape

As part of New England, the architecture and design of early Maine homes were heavily influenced by European architectural trends. Many of these trends borrowed from very elaborate schools of architecture: Federal, Italianate, Gothic, Neo-Classical and of course Victorian. During the turn of the twentieth century, the wealthy ‘rusticators’ escaping the summer heat of Philadelphia, New York and Boston began to reject the elaborate details of earlier architecture and thus the Shingle Style cottage was conceived. This more rustic style of architecture intentionally utilized local building materials (think wooden exterior shingles and simple Japanese inspired details) that were more natural in appearance so the home would be in harmony with the local landscape.

Rockport ME _"Cottage" exists in harmonious beauty within its natural surrounds.While not actually a ‘cottage,’ this grand Rockport home exists in harmonious beauty within its natural surroundings. The roofline delicately blends with the landscape in a fashion reminiscent of medieval Japanese castles, an inspiration further echoed by the stone pillars anchoring the building to the ground.Rockport ME _ Roofline reminiscent of medieval Japanese castles

The first two floors perfectly incorporate the inside with the outside, allowing continuous enjoyment of the weather and views.  Every bedroom offers gently curved private balconies enabling guests to relish their own slice of nature.

Rockport ME _ Curved private bedroom balconies

Rockport ME _Cantilevered covered porches

In an effort to recall the experience on board a grand yacht, John Morris Architects accentuated the strong horizontal roofline and cantilevered covered porches merging the home even more strongly with its oceanfront location.

Rockport ME _Mahogany paneled office enforces Morris' nod to the tradition of maritime craftsmanshipThe exquisite cherry bar and mahogany-paneled office further enforce Morris’ nod to the tradition of maritime craftsmanship.

Make your dreams come true now, and for future generations, with ownership of this critically-acclaimed oceanfront estate in Rockport, Maine.  For more information on 1 Sea Street, contact Terry Sortwell or Joe Sortwell in our Camden office.