Great New England Craft Breweries

When it comes to local flavor, New Englanders have the luxury of seemingly endless options. From craft brewers, to cheese artisans and chocolate makers; we have it all. In this blog series, we put a spotlight on some of our favorites.

In this blog we focus on craft brewers… Luckily, there are some wonderful craft breweries in New England that happen to be near some of LandVest’s favorite properties.

Naukabout Beer Company

Mashpee, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Born on the beaches of Cape Cod, Naukabout’s story started over 30 years ago. The name derived from a father’s phrasing, to change from his work-a-bouts to his “nauk-a-bouts” which implies that people should do the things they love after doing the things they have to do. Check out their American Pale Ale for a bright and citrusy seasonal ale.

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Wianno Waterfront Estate | Osterville, MA | 2.00± Acres | 12 Beds | 9 Baths


Cape Ann Brewing Co.

Gloucester, Massachusetts
Cape Ann Brewing Co
Dedicated to producing a brand that not only exemplifies all that is encompassed in the passion and creativity in the world of craft beer but also the grit and courage of the North Atlantic Fishing fleet.

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Blacktops | Gloucester, MA | 33.20± Acres | 6 Beds | 6 Baths | 5,865 Sq.Ft.


Trillium Brewing Company

Canton, Massachusetts
Trillium is a New England farmhouse style brewery, deeply rooted in the dynamic landscapes, abundant natural resources, and resilient population of the region. With their newer Canton location (opened in 2015) they have been able to expand their production and varieties.

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31 Brush Hill Lane | Milton, MA | 1.69± Acres | 9 Beds | 7 Baths | 7.524 Sq.Ft.


Tilted Barn Brewery

Exeter, Rhode Island
Tilted Barn
Rhode Island’s first farm brewery! Tilted Barn Brewery aims to provide local, hand-crafted beer that is brewed with ingredients grown right on the farm. Try The Choosen One, an American DIPA overflowing with hops.

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Beaver Neck Waterfront | Jamestown, RI | 30.00± Acres | 4 Beds | 5 Baths


Henniker Brewing Co.

Henniker, New Hampshire
Located in Henniker the home of New England College and the only Henniker on Earth, Henniker Brewery brews beer with the New Hampshire spirit of independence, home town pride and hard work . They use the finest ingredients and craft all of their beers by hand. In addition to year round beers with cool names such as Hop Slinger and Amber Apparition they produce seasonal beers such as the summer Sour Flower. Stop by the tap room Monday through Saturday or sign up for a Saturday tour.

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11 Old West Hopkinton | 49.05± Acres | 5 Beds | 4 Baths | 4,390 Sq.Ft

Lyman Rd | Henniker, NH | 275.00± Acres | 5 Beds | 4 Baths | 3,546 Sq.Ft.


Stoneface Brewing Co.

Newington, New Hampshire
Voted one of the best craft breweries in New Hampshire by WMUR’s Viewer’s Choice 2016. Grab a meal from a fresh peach salad to a burger while tasting a variety of specialty beers.

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Private Seacoast Estate on Great Bay| Durham, NH | 17.20± Acres | 5 Beds | 7 Baths | 9,000 Sq.Ft.


Citizen’s Cider

Burlington, Vermont
Citizens CiderCraft cider makers that use only locally sourced apples from Vermont

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Casa Tranquilla | Charlotte, VT | 85.62± Acres | 3 Beds | 4 Baths | 6,767 Sq.Ft.


Alchemist Brewery

Stowe, Vermont
Heady TopperThe makers of Heady Topper, christened the best beer in the world.

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Sweet Farm | Johnson, VT | 527± Acres | 5 Beds | 3 Baths | 4,209 Sq.Ft.


Long Trail Brewing Company

Bridgewater Corners, Vermont
In addition to brewing an extraordinary family of fine ales, Long Trail Brewing Company is committed to sustainable brewing practices. Spent grain and hops are fed to local dairy cattle as supplement and the steam from the brewing process is condensed into hot water and thermal energy to heat water for the next brewing cycle.

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Gold Coast Rd | Bridgewater, VT | 907± Acres


Harpoon Brewery

Windsor, Vermont
You can enjoy delicious food at the the Harpoon Riverbend Taps and Beer Garden, located in the same building as the brewery itself, along with a full selection of Harpoon beers straight from the source.

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Jericho Brook Farm | Hartford, VT | 43.60± Acres | 4 Beds | 4 Baths | 3,614 Sq.Ft.

There are a number of properties nearby the Harpoon Brewery, here is a wonderful farm near the Connecticut River. Click the link to see all of the other properties in the area.