Ask the Seller: 3 Old Jetty Road, Dartmouth, MA

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of LandVest’s properties? We invite our owners to tell us a bit about their experience, what they love about their homes and a bit of their history. The owners of 3 Old Jetty Road share some of the special qualities about their property.

Exterior, 3 Old Jetty Road, Dartmouth , MA 02748
How did you come about owning 3 Old Jetty Road?

We looked for more than a year and bought Old Jetty Road in the summer of 2012. We used to divide our time between Boston and the South Coast, but 3 Old Jetty Road has been our primary residence since 2013. It has the features of a vacation home and the substantial benefits of a tight, well-made primary home.

Why did you choose this location?

Extremely private and quiet, yet close enough to Providence and Boston for work, air travel, arts and culture, etc. Great natural beauty. Access to Slocum’s River, Rhode Island and Massachusetts state parks and beaches, and many nearby Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust (DNRT) properties. Wonderful food culture—great farmer’s markets, artisanal meats and cheeses, growing number of excellent restaurants.
View from front porch, 3 Old Jetty Road, Dartmouth , MA 02748

What drew you in?

Charm of the architecture and flow of the spaces, relatively recent construction meant low maintenance, privacy, natural beauty, lovely peace and quiet. The previous owners built the property and worked closely with the architect on interesting wood surfaces and many built-in storage spaces.

What are some special features?

The house sits on a bluff above Slocum’s River. Buzzard’s Bay is two miles to the south and the heat sink of the bay keeps winter temperatures milder and summer temperatures cooler than farther inland. The roof deck is perfect for morning coffee, evening cocktails, utterly private sunbathing, and watching stars and hawks, owls, and skeins of migrating geese along the river. Deeded access to Slocum’s River as part of membership in the five-house Slocum’s River Association; this includes a landing and boat launch next to an historic jetty. The Association maintains boat racks for residents’ canoes and kayaks.

3 Old Jetty Road, Dartmouth , MA 02748

The DNRT’s crown jewel of a land reserve is the Slocum’s River Reserve, with miles of walking trails and some fifty acres of woods and rolling farmland, almost all within view of the river. The Reserve is almost right out the front door—one trailhead to the Reserve is off Old Jetty Road, less than three hundred yards from the house. Other DNRT properties are minutes away. As are public beaches and private beach clubs. This is a four-season house with woods and water close at hand.

What is your favorite room in the house?

Hard to single out one. We have dinner parties on the screened porch into the autumn and feel like we’re sitting right in the colorful woods. The long, wide, serviceable kitchen counter is lined with high stools, and that’s where our friends and children gather at holidays and weekend getaways to help cook, reconnect, and talk late into the night. At holiday time in cooler weather, more people curl up around the living room fireplace than you can believe the room holds. The fireplace is particularly efficient—clean-burning and toasty warm.

Interior, 3 Old Jetty Road, Dartmouth , MA 02748

Can you sum up the top 5 reasons someone should buy this property?

  • Anyone with young children who buys 3 Old Jetty can teach them to sail, paddle, swim, fish, hike, build a fire, identify a heron or a constellation, stop and listen to wind on water and in the trees—in short step away from the screens. And therefore build confidence and self-reliance. And the local schools—public and private—are varied and excellent.
  • It’s a place to recharge and reconnect if careers are hectic or if creative contemplation and peace and quiet are needed.

Roof Deck, 3 Old Jetty Road, Dartmouth , MA 02748

  • It is tight, well-built, easy and affordable to heat and run.
  • It has two decades’ and two families’ worth of peak experiences and good memories and needs next owners to build on those traditions.

River, 3 Old Jetty Road, Dartmouth , MA 02748

  • It’s surrounded by households with smart, generous-spirited people who not only appreciate, but also work to sustain, the natural beauty and the best of the community and surrounding region.

– P.M. & J.M.


For more information about 3 Old Jetty Road, contact Joanna Dresser, or 617.584.6855.