The Foreside: A Special Maine Community

Maine’s Falmouth Foreside is an untraditional waterfront suburb. Set on Casco Bay with views of Long Island, Clapboard Island, and Sturdivant Island, “the Foreside” is a thriving locale, appealing to residents and tourists alike. The Foreside is always bustling with mixed activities, such as people walking about with their dogs and families, runners jogging by, and commuters driving along the eight-mile stretch of Route 88, which is set against the varied coastline. From the salt in the air, to the elegant homes, and the many amenities this community offers, the area is a favorite year-round destination in the greater Portland area.

Falmouth Foreside is an atypical waterfront community.

In the summertime, the Foreside is awash with greenery and many outdoor activities with a focus on the waterfront. In the winter, unlike most waterfront communities which calm down, the Foreside remains open and welcoming. The community is lively with residents taking to the trails and the rinks for skiing and skating, along with many other outdoor activities in the town’s open spaces.

The well-known Town Landing Market is easily identifiable with its crisp white and nautical blue signage. Town Landing Market has been a part of the Falmouth community since the late 1800s, making it more than a store – it’s an established landmark. This is the spot to buy live lobster and crab rolls on the Foreside. This family-run business is a place where people feel special because everyone knows each other.

Falmouth Foreside
Town Landing Market, Falmouth Foreside, ME

Falmouth Foreside offers homes for year-round residents.

Falmouth Foreside is an ideal location for families looking to buy real estate and live in Maine year-round. For families with children, the Falmouth public school systems are a draw, as they rank among the best in the state. Residents are appreciative of their opportunity to live here, the community is peaceful, and the location couldn’t be more ideal. Only minutes from all that Portland has to offer, the Foreside blends urban living with waterfront suburbia. Here, there is a strong boating community, endless recreational opportunities, and the luxury of a dog-friendly public beach at Town Landing. Tourists and year-round residents alike enjoy this oceanfront community with its urban edge.

Falmouth Foreside, ME

LandVest is selling a property nearby.

LandVest is selling a property on Town Landing Road full of unique architectural design. When we asked the Seller what one of his favorite things about living in Falmouth is, he said “The location. The harbor is at the bottom of the hill. We walk down to the ocean, hop in our dinghy, and ride right out to our boat – it’s amazing!”

This special property includes a year-round indoor and outdoor lap pool, a roof deck, a Great Room with acoustics, and a Play Room that has its own built-in home theater. For more information about this property, view the listing here, or contact John Scribner or Betsey Reiche Ducas in our Portland, Maine office.


LandVest’s brokers John and Betsey are longtime admirers of the Foreside. Here are a few places that they enjoy in the area:

  • The Portland Yacht Club: established in 1868, the Portland Yacht Club is one of the oldest yacht clubs in the country.
  • Handy Boat: Handy Boat builds, repairs, services, sells, and maintains boats of assorted styles and sizes.
  • The Dockside Grill: a favorite in the Foreside, The Dockside Grill offers seaside dining with panoramic views of Casco Bay.
  • Underwood Park: south of Johnson Road and Town Landing Market, Underwood Park is located on Rte. 88. This park offers wonderful outdoor activities, including hiking trails, snowshoeing, off-road biking, cross-country skiing, a playground, and a recreational field.

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