Muir Point – Stonington, Maine

A Creation of Art and Nature Through the Eyes of the Seller

-by Stephanie Lee

Stonington, Maine _ Muir Point

One of the things I love most about living here is interacting with the ocean. The intertidal zone is alive in a way that few other habitats on earth can match. Added to that, with the quiet forest paths, brilliant sunrises and sunsets, clear starry nights unimpeded by light pollution, bald eagles, shore birds and land animals, you have a veritable smorgasbord of nature’s wonders surrounding you.

Stonington, Maine _ Muir Point's Wildlife
Stonington, Maine _ Muir Point_winter sunrise

Stonington, Maine_ Muir Point_wildlife

The property has both deep water and protected cove shores, so if water sports are of interest, you have safe mooring sites and beaches perfect for launching boats to head out into the amazing archipelago that surrounds Deer Isle. If you wanted to spend a season without driving, you could boat to towns near and far, or fly off in a seaplane.

Stonington, Maine_ Muir Point, exterior shot

The home was built with Douglas fir (post and beam), cedar paneling mixed with sheetrock walls, oak, cherry and tile floors, solid core doors and handmade artist’s detailing (all non-toxic) using the leading technology of its time. The architect was honored by receiving the Maine Architectural Design Award for that year for this home.Stonington, Maine_ Muir Point

With numerous roof windows and a central granite beach-stone chimney, it is a contemporary passive-solar home, easy to heat in winters. It was designed with conservation measures in mind and thus is not extravagant in size, but with a 44-acre backyard, there is ample room to expand should one wish. It is very private, yet with wrap-around windows, the views bring an intimate connection to nature up-close and personal for your enjoyment.Stonington, Maine_ Muir Point_bonfire

An unattached wood-fired sauna is located a few yards from the back porch and quick jumps into the ocean complement the healthy steam experience. Given the ocean’s daily tidal variations, bonfires on the beach below high-tide during calm weather are another option and are truly magical.

Stonington, Maine_ Muir Point_ForestPath Stonington, Maine_ Muir Point_Garage and apt

The unattached two-car garage building has a separate heated artist’s studio/workshop with running water, 110 and 220 electric outlets, built-in workbenches, and a wall vent above the heat-protected soldering bench. The second story of this building is a heated studio apartment, with its own private access to a beach on the cove.

Stonington, Maine_ Muir Point_Forest

The forest now is a healthy multi-age growth stand, changing from what was originally a predominantly red spruce forest of all one age to one with a greater diversity of tree species which have been encouraged during my 38 years of stewardship in tree growth management on the land.

Stonington, Maine_ Muir Point_Gardens

Around the home, there are producing apple, pear and peach trees, an organic vegetable garden, and numerous ornamental beds. Over the years, the front lawn has served as a soccer field, trampoline roost, badminton court, climbing wall zone, snow-person field, wedding venue, picnic gathering spot and sleep-over star gazing party spot, as well as a lounging venue for hammocks.Stonington, Maine_ Muir Point, aerial

If you want a contemporary home with both privacy and substantial ocean frontage on an island that: a) is joined to the mainland with a bridge, b) is home to the internationally famous Haystack Mt. School of Crafts, c) has a major lobster fishing port, d) has an Historic Registry Opera House that provides entertainment year round, e) has an amazing community of wonderful people, and f) is pristine in so many ways, then this home might be the one for you.


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