Midcoast Maine Newsletter and Market Update– 2nd Quarter

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Finally, after a long wet spring, summer weather has arrived and Camden Harbor is active with the schooners and day-sailors beginning their voyages, yachts being rigged and the SUPs and kayakers making their appearance. The Shada was launched in early May and I was glad to have an enclosed and heated pilot house for the early trips out to North Haven and Islesboro.

Midcoast Maine - Q2 _Brooksville
Head of the Cape, Cape Rosier, Brooksville, 7 acres with 1,000 feet of shorefront. Listed and sold by LandVest. Terry Sortwell & Joseph Sortwell. Listed for $1,950,000.

In Camden, we had an interesting winter and spring market. I would characterize it as sporadic yet steady activity. A burst of activity would be followed by silence and then another burst of activity. We were fortunate to convert a number of inquiries into showings leading to pending sales and completed transactions.

Midcoast Maine - Q2_Gray Rocks
Gray Rocks, Camden, 21.02 acres. Listed and sold by LandVest. Terry Sortwell. Listed for $2,450,000.

Given the ongoing imbalance in the market characterized by plentiful supply and less than robust demand, we have been very pleased that LandVest’s marketing program and our consistent work are producing solid results in the upper end.We have accounted for four of the six deals in Knox County, one in Hancock County and the lone deal in Waldo County (Dark Harbor, Islesboro).

Midcoast Maine - Q2_Indian Head
Indian Head, Islesboro, 6.75 acres with 1,350 feet of shorefront. Sold. Listed by LandVest. Terry Sortwell. Listed for $3,875,000.
Midcoast Maine - Q2_Crosstrees
Crosstrees Estate, North Haven, 15.55 acres with 1600 feet of shorefront. Terry Sortwell. Under Agreement. Listed for $3,275,000

Our most exciting ongoing transaction this year is the American Boathouse in Camden where we are representing the buyer. Last week the town voted to amend the zoning ordinance to allow additional uses for the structure and made it possible for the buyer to proceed with her plans for a complete renovation of this historic structure. Built in 1904, the boathouse is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, private saltwater boathouse in the country and it will remain on the national Register of Historic Places.

Midcoast Maine - Q2_Arey Ave
16 Arey Avenue, Camden. Under Agreement. Listed by Camden Real Estate for $2,495,000. Terry Sortwell representing the buyer.

Restoration plans call for stabilizing the structure while it is lifted and a new foundation installed. An internal steel frame will then be constructed to hold the original wood frame building which will be revitalized with a new exterior shell to duplicate the original. Bear in mind that the main portion of the boathouse is 172 feet long, 42 feet wide and built on an incline to follow the angle of the marine railway which will also be rejuvenated and remain operational.

Midcoast Maine - Q2_The American Boathouse
The American Boathouse, Camden. Under Agreement. Listed by Camden Coast Real Estate for $2,495,000. Terry Sortwell representing the buyer.

This very complex restoration project has taken hours of commitment and would not be moving forward without the expertise of many Maine professionals: Stephenmohr, Mohr and Seredin Landscape Architects, Jay Fischer, Cold Mountain Builders, Albert Putnam, Albert Putnam Associates Structural Engineers, Gary Neville, Prock Marine, Rendle Jones, Harmon, Jones and Sanford and many others. Behind the project is the energy and vision of Cynthia Reed who was inspired to save this irreplaceable part of town history bordering historic Harbor Park designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead Jr.

As always, please let us know if we can be of assistance.


Terry Sortwell


Joseph Sortwell


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