Woodworker’s Paradise at Beaver Brook Farm in Vermont

Aerial, Beaver Brook Farm, Marshfield, VTImagine having a forest for your backyard with a lifetime supply of prized hardwoods just waiting for you to create your next woodworking project. Then picture yourself in an 8,000-square-foot heated barn with dedicated spaces for wood storage, a modern woodshop, and a separate finishing area. And finally, think about the unique pleasure of going through the entire lifecycle of harvesting wood from a standing tree and turning it into an heirloom furniture piece for your family to enjoy for generations.

Log Truck brings logs from "back yard" to "front door" of Beaver Brook Farm

The 500 plus acres at Beaver Brook Farm (BBF) are stocked beyond what any woodworker might imagine; 23,000 board feet of growing Cherry trees, 48,000 board feet of White Ash, 97,000 board feet of Yellow and White Birch, and 256,000 board feet of Sugar Maple. That’s a couple of lifetimes of furniture projects. Add in a large number of Cherry burls for woodturning, and enough softwood to build more outbuildings than you’ll ever need. The forest has been managed for the last two decades with the highest sustainable practices resulting in a growing stock that’s only getting bigger.

Milling logs into boards at Beaver Brook Farm, VTThe logs are milled into boards on a sawmill. The unseasoned (wet) boards are stacked in the lower level of the heated barn to dry. This takes about a year in this controlled environment.

Workshop at Beaver Brook Farm, VT

The woodshop at BBF has all the character you can only find in a 170-year-old barn. Then add floor-to-ceiling windows for plenty of natural light, radiant floor heating, a central dust collection system under the shop, and a wide range of woodworking equipment to create the perfect setup for your woodworking projects. Just outside, flowing around the barn, is a year-round stream to complete the natural setting.

Woodworking project at Beaver Brook Farm, VT

The only thing missing is a creative woodworker ready to make his/her own creations knowing exactly where their wood came from and appreciating their results that much more. That’s a woodworker’s paradise happening every day at BBF.

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