LandVest’s Caleb Combs Awarded “Forester of the Year”

Caleb Combs, awarded "forester of the year"Caleb Combs, District Forester for LandVest, received the Forester of the Year Award from the New York Society of American Foresters at its annual meeting held in late January. The award recognizes an individual’s outstanding contributions to the practice and profession of forestry, the conservation and stewardship of forest resources in New York, and the objectives of the Society of American Foresters. The NY SAF, chartered in 1918, currently has a membership of 371 foresters.

“Caleb is one of the best field foresters that I have worked with in my nearly 30 years as a practicing forester. He is passionate about good practical silviculture and excels at finding adaptive and creative solutions to regenerating and managing degraded stands on an acre-by-acre basis, on a large scale with outstanding results.

He has also worked very hard to educate and work with the loggers in the region to improve operating practices thereby improving silvicultural outcomes and always leaving a forest in a better position for future growth than when he started.

His work to promote quality regeneration, while protecting key retention areas and wildlife corridors will benefit future generations by assuring a continued supply of quality forest products, habitat for numerous species of wildlife and the protection of critical water resources. In this way he has contributed greatly to the advancement of forestry in the Adirondacks.”

  – Jack Santamour, LandVest Regional Forester

Combs was honored and humbled by the recognition through the award and the congratulatory notes he received afterwards. He attributes his success to the mentoring he has received through his 13-year career at LandVest. He wishes to thank all of those who have provided guidance and given him the opportunity to develop his craft.

LandVest currently manages nearly 2 million acres of forest in the Northeast and provides professional forestry services to private landowners of all sizes. From family-owned woodlots to large timberland investments, our services are tailored to meet individual goals and objectives.


Caleb Combs, LV District Forester, Timberland Division


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