FSC® Video Links Consumer Choice to Forest Management

From Paper Towels to Poplar Dowels, Consumers Connect with Forest Management through Forest Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council® video “One Simple Action” has beautifully captured the message that when we choose FSC® certified products, our choices directly promote responsible forest management. LandVest currently manages and practices responsible forest management on a total of over two million acres. We love this video because it shows the level of expertise that it takes to keep our forests productive and healthy.

FSC Video

LandVest is an FSC Group Certified Manager and manages over 2 million acres of timberland across the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. With over 64,000 acres in our FSC Certified Group across five northeastern states, we are on the front lines of the FSC Certified supply-chain. Our FSC Certified clients ultimately rely on consumer preference to help guide their management decisions.

By showing a preference for FSC-certified products, consumers can directly influence the management regimes employed by landowners, often resulting in more productive forests.

We’re not suggesting that every working forest requires certification – but we acknowledge certification as an important tool to achieve certain landowner objectives. LandVest is equipped to evaluate and offer these solutions to our clients.

For additional information on FSC certification and LandVest’s FSC Certified Group, please contact your local LandVest forester or Jonathan McGrath, FSC Group Manager (jmcgrath@landvest.com).

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