Ask the Experts: North Shore Real Estate Deals and Steals, Fall 2016

We wanted to know what some of the standout real estate values in your area today are. Are there any North Shore real estate deals left?

We asked Lanse Robb the top ranking broker in Essex County on Boston’s North Shore for sales above one million dollars, a position he has held for 24 years (per MLS):


What are some of the solid investments of all the great listings in your area?

Here’s what he had to say:

  • 155 West Street, Beverly, MA

    North Shore Real Estate
    “By far the best high-end value for North Shore waterfront. See Zillow’s valuation above. In this case, we believe the valuation is in the right ballpark – priced 2 million under the valuation makes it quite the steal! If you want it all – West Street’s got privacy, views, an ocean-facing pool, rolling lawns, and a big beautiful mansion in great condition.”

  • 73 Bridge Street, Manchester, MA

    North Shore Real Estate“Once in a while, a property is offered where the owners have invested more than the asking price. Bridge Street is an example and has been masterfully restored to the highest of standards. Comfort, style, and luxury for a great price.

  • 216 Summer Street, Manchester, MA

    “This carriage house comes with a sense of history and distinctive architecture on over 8 acres and within walking distance to the beach.”


To find out more about property values on the North Shore, you can contact
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