What We Love About Historic Concord, MA

The Old North Bridge

HERE on the 19 of April 1775 was made the first forcible resistance to British aggression. On the opposite Bank stood the American Militia. Here stood the Invading Army and on this spot the first of the Enemy fell in the War of that Revolution which gave Independence to these United States…

In Concord, Massachusetts, the community’s vibrant present is informed by its vibrant past. A casual walk from the village center takes you across the Old North Bridge, the site of the first battle of the American Revolution, which Ralph Waldo Emerson referred to as “the shot heard round the world.”

The tradition of independent thinking and community engagement continues in 21st century Concord, with lively artistic, cultural, academic and religious organizations in town, with easy access to downtown Boston. Offering organic locavore farm stands and sophisticated farm-to-table restaurants; and great independent boutiques focused on wares from shoes to lamps to wine and cheese; Concord combines rural heritage with urban vibe into a great place to live.

(Photo credit: http://www.nps.gov/mima/historyculture/index.htm )

LandVest is proud of nearly fifty years of service to buyers and sellers of special real estate in Concord. Just around the corner from the Old North Bridge, in one of the finest neighborhoods in the town, we have three spectacular lots for sale.

200 Barnes Hill Road
200 Barnes Hill Road, Concord, MA


121 Estabrook Road
121 Estabrook Road, Concord, MA


81 Estabrook Road
81 Estabrook Road, Concord, MA
For more information about these and other Concord listings, contact Stewart Young or Stanley Edwards.