An Interview with Christopher Lang of our Vermont Brokerage Team

Bailey's Bark, Fairlee, VT

Chris Lang joined LandVest in May 2016, bringing with him an exceptional record in high-end real estate sales with the regional Sotheby’s affiliate. We interrupted Chris in the middle of putting together several offers to ask him what drew him to LandVest.

Why LandVest?

There were three principal reasons:

  • the integrity of LandVest’s process,
  • the focus on the high-end of the market (which is unique to LandVest),
  • and the quality of the people and partnership culture.

Forest Hall is an iconic Woodstock, Vermont landmark once owned by Frederick Billings, president of the Northern Pacific Railroad Forest Hall | Woodstock, VT | $5,000,000

Could you expound on these a bit? What do you mean about the integrity of LandVest’s process?

Sure. LandVest brings a serious analytic process to help clients make informed decisions. A lot of real estate is “seat of the pants”, which can work on conventional market-level properties, but at the high-end, you really need to know your stuff.

First,  many of LandVest’s properties aren’t easily compared to other properties in the local market. LandVest knows the New England and Adirondacks market and, with our Christie’s partnership, we also know what’s going on in the global luxury market so clients get a much more informed view than they can get from a local broker.

Second, most of our listings aren’t just a house on a lot. They have a set of attributes that LandVest’s valuation process takes into consideration –  a bundle of rights or contributing attributes, each with a value: site, location, improvements, conservation or development potential, viewshed, agricultural or timber value, etc.

LandVest’s valuation approach helps clients leverage these attributes to achieve their goals.

VT0759-22 Bailey’s Bark, Fairlee, VT | $2,100,000

Tell us a bit about what the focus on the high-end means to you, particularly since you’ve come from firms who have served both the high-end and the full market

Well, it means that LandVest does one thing remarkably well: deliver exceptional results for buyers and owners of distinctive properties.

For me on a day-to-day basis, it means that the whole team understands what our clients expect and is laser-focused on delivering it.

More broadly, focus on the high-end means meeting the needs of our client base which has a particular caliber of property in mind, but a wide range of geographic locations throughout New England to consider.  We understand what buyers at these price levels are looking for. They are looking for properties that provide a sense of place, a reason to be here, where the architectural quality is matched by a strong land component. LandVest curates its listings to places that are genuinely distinctive.

General Lewis R. Morris House | Springfield, VT | $1,250,000

What about the people and the culture?

My clients have access to the best in the business to help them.

LandVest is private and employee-owned and is there for our clients and us. I can call anyone and get advice from the best people in the business: brokers, appraisers, foresters.

I can’t imagine where else I could have access to that kind of collaboration with folks at the top of their profession.

There is a real team approach commitment to solutions, collaborative partnership to achieve better results for clients. The firm has a deep appreciation for the importance of long-term relationships, what is the right thing to do.


Chis has been practicing real estate in the greater Woodstock area since 2005 and we are happy he’s joined our Vermont brokerage team.

To find out more about listings in the Woodstock and the Upper Valley, check out our other Wooodstock blogs or contact Chris in our Woodstock office.