Ask the Seller: Nashawtuc Hill Estate – Concord, MA

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of LandVest’s properties? We invite our owners to tell us a bit about their experience, what they love about their homes and a bit of their history. Here is what the owners of 275 Nashawtuc Road have to share with us about their  property on “The Hill.”

275 Nashawtuc Road

From the beautiful views, to the large rooms perfect for entertaining, there are many reasons buyers should consider 275 Nashawtuc Road for their next home.  Here are the five top reasons why someone should buy this property:

First, the Hill is both extremely beautiful and highly prestigious.

It’s a fabulous neighborhood with both young and older folks mixing easily and well together. I grew up next door and the bulk of my years growing up as a youngster were on Nashawtuc Hill. I loved the location and had many friends in my earlier days on the Hill.

275 Nashawtuc Rd

Second, the house has simply spectacular views to the west.

My father always used to say that it had the best views on all of the Hill. The patio facing west makes this view particularly attractive.

Third, the interior of the house is quintessential Concord.

With unique rooms, five fireplaces downstairs and five fireplaces upstairs and both graceful and distinguished rooms such as the dining room and living room.

275 Nashawtuc RdMy favorite room in the house would be the library. It has a storied history and we spent many a night in front of its beautiful fireplace in the winter with a roaring fire. Jill’s favorite room is the family room off of the kitchen. This is a totally renovated room from when we first bought the house, we converted it to pine paneling to simulate the library. It too has a wonderful fireplace and beautiful views from the patio to the west.

Fourth, it has easy access to the center of Concord, only a mile away.

It also has access to the Concord River for canoeing and the meadows at the bottom of the Hill for skating in the winter. The sliding hill is a special spot for young and old alike. I had skied on the sliding hill often as a youngster.

Fifth, if whoever buys this house and property loves it as much as we have, they will indeed be lucky souls.

  – FHL

275 Nashawtuc Rd
For more information about this Nashawtuc Hill Estate, visit the property page or contact Stanley Edwards or Stewart Young.