An Interview with the Owner of 13 Goldthwait; a Beachfront Gem in Marblehead, MA

How did you come about owning this property?
We knew we wanted to live in Marblehead, and we found this house after an extensive search for just the right waterfront property. The views from the house sold it! We used the house as a primary residence, but it could easily be a vacation home.


Have you done any improvements to the house?
When we bought the house, its floor plan didn’t take full advantage of the setting. We took out a lot of interior walls that were blocking the ocean views on the first and second floors. Most of the first floor is now a wide-open great room. On the second floor, we added two new bathrooms, and a sitting area that looks out at the ocean through a two-story “wall of windows” that we put in. We also redesigned the kitchen, adding new appliances, a large island, and new stone countertops and backsplashes that we think do a better job of capturing and highlighting all the natural light that comes in.




What is one of your favorite things about living here?
Living next to the Goldthwait Reservation is great – besides having a good neighbor, we get to watch all the wildlife that passes through. And of course living this close to the ocean meant we could enjoy it the sights and sounds year round, without even having to go outside.

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Enjoy stunning sunrises over the ocean any time of year!



Lanse_Robb_1 For more information on 13 Goldthwait Road, please contact Lanse Robb in our Manchester-by-the-Sea office.